Hello, yes, sorry, I am not English. What I remember, was an experience what scarred me for the rest of my life. I remember my brother having his personal laptop 2 months ago. He was playing some random games like Minecraft or GTA. One game he never launched was Terraria. So one day, he decides to play Terraria at late. He thought that 9 PM was a good time but he decided that 3 AM was perfect.

So he launched the game and started it up. He created his character and then his world. The game loaded perfectly... but his world was nothing he had expected. The world had ruined and broken houses made out of Gold Bricks or Marble blocks.  As he did that, message "Tick... Tock..." appeared in the corner where usually the boss and death notifications pop up. After mining down all the house, he took down the trees and went mining for other stuff like rock and lead. "Goes...the...clock" popped up.

He knew that something weird was going on. The crimson theme played all the time in the world, dispite the dungeon and the jungle. World wasn't full of corruption or crimson, however something was there. A black shadow with 2 red wings. The shadow looked like the Merchant... without the hat or the beard. My brother walked towards the shadow but it disappeared without a trace. "I will find you" popped up. My brother was scared, this wasn't meant to be happening. He continued doing his stuff in game, killing bosses at day time. But then... "Samuel.." popped up. Terraria isn't meant to break the forth wall, RIGHT?  

After that, a mangled face appeared... a hyper realistic image of the face. Text "YOU'RE NEXT" appeared and PC got corrupted. Next day, my brother went to the repair but they were unsuccesful. There were no parts, no nothing in the PC. Motherboard, all the wires, glass. It was all gone. But they did say that the PC lost it's stuff a day earlier, before getting corrupted...

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