It was all dark... well no it wasn't dark I'd just closed my eyes to the terrible sound that was coming from the building the moment the double doors opened. My mother was the one to guide me through this chaos... well, at least I hoped it was my mother.

I felt something grab my leg and take my shoes off, I kept my eyes closed though... Then I felt a new tighter pair come onto my feet. I was still being guided by the hand, yes that's what I'll call it... This... hand was guiding me. I felt an unexpected drop. It wasn't far maybe 6 inches but it still caught me off guard and I would have fallen if the hand hadn't helped me keep balance. Another drop happened. The hand helped me but I fell anyways, mostly because my newfound footware was slick on the new surface I found myself walking on.

The hand helped me to my feet... I got up and naturally walked forward and the sudden rise in flooring made me trip. The hand helped me get up again and sat me in a seat. I had nothing to do so I listened to the sounds, they were sounds of people, maybe human... But I didn't want to open my eyes.

I heard screaming, possibly in terror. No--I heard laughter and cheering, as those around me were encouraging the torture these people were going through. There was also the sound of thunder or an avalanche scattered throughout the room. The hand helped me out of the seat and I went up the ramp that I had been tripped over a few seconds ago. Soon, I was standing on the flat surface.

A sudden weight of a sphere hit my hand although it wasn't very heavy... 10 pounds maybe. This startled me beyond anything that had happened and I threw the sphere. I heard a very loud thud as I heard it roll across the floor and then the sound of thunder again.

I opened my eyes. This time I had gotten a strike... whatever that means.

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