I am Patrick and I am here to share a story with you.

I love playing "Shadow of The Colossus"! I love the emptyness, I love the story, the characters and of course the bosses. I just got it a month back and i have already completed the whole game, well at least 99%. I am here to talk about that last 1%. I was so obsessed with finding that last 1% that i explored every single corner of the game.

One day I was roaming around the world trying to find the last 1% when suddenly I saw a strange cave. I thought to myself "Was this here before?" I was curious about it so I went towards it. As i went to it it became night. "Something was wrong here." I thought to myself since it was morning in the game. I decided to wait a little to see if it would return to day but it wouldn't. "That must just be a graphical glitch. Right?" I thought.

When I entered the cave a scream was heard. I thought "WTF is wrong?" but continued. As I went deeper and deeper into the cave walls are getting closer and closer to the point the camera glitched out. I fell through the floor and expected to return to the surface like in GTA. But I didn't. While i was falling I saw dead bodies and blood everywhere. It's sorta like the book "Alice in wonderland" but much, much more creepier.

When I stopped falling I found myself in a very big room. I walked forward and saw dead bodies on the walls impaled by spikes, on the floor decapitated, and on the ceiling also impaled by spikes. Then in front of me showed up a giant figure that looked like a colossus. That thing was two times larger that any colossus in the game. I tried fighting it but he kicked me on a spike and I got impaled in the chest area. It said game over. Instantly after that I felt a huge paint in my chest area. "What? No, Impossible !" I thought and right after that I fell unconscious.

I woke up at a hospital. They told me that i had a 1% carved on my chest and a hole in my lung and it will probably be hard from me to breathe anymore. I was confused. When I recovered I got home and played Shadow of the colossus only to find that it's beaten 100%.

Could that thing be a representation of the devil? It harmed me so why wouldn't it harm others? What was that thing?

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