I like to share a story, a story of something that happened to me that I may remember for a while. Hell, to this very day I still remember it, but the event that happened did not scar me for life or anything like that, it didn’t made me turn on my lights while I sleep, or made me all paranoid of my surroundings like looking behind me all the time making sure nothing will hurt me, no none of those, everytime I think about that very day all I do is just… well…scratch my head and just give off a small chuckle. So I like to share that event that happened to me, it’s not really to scare anyone or keep them up all night while looking under their beds or anything, no not really that, I just want to get this off my chest and share with you all of what I saw. Hopefully I remember EVERYTHING that happened that night, so let’s begin.

A couple of years ago my brother found my old Gameboy SP in his closet, he mostly played it for Pokémon Emerald, I didn’t even bother to use it because I lost all of my games for it during those years, as for the Gameboy, it was still in good condition with a bit of scratches on the top of the Gameboy but surprisingly no scratches on the screen and the door to the battery pack was missing to. Two months ago I was helping out to clean my living room and while I was cleaning I came across a box filled with a bunch of Gamecube controllers all tangled up and the mic that was from Mario Party 7. At the bottom of the box was a Gameboy game, I picked it up and I couldn’t believe what game it was, it was: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Season. I was really happy, not that I finally found a game for my Gameboy, but the fact that I found one of the very first Gameboy games I played, so what did I do? Well I went to my room and started playing it on my Gameboy. It took a while for me to start the game since I haven’t played it in years, the damn thing took a while to boot up, fuck, I couldn’t even get to the intro of the game, it was dusty as hell I assume, so I grabbed a Q-tip and started cleaning it out, there were some much dust and dirt coming out of the game cartridge that it nearly made the whole Q-tip pitch grey, but I after like my 6th try the game finally started up.

I skip pass the intro and saw my old file, I had almost all hearts and a level two sword, I found myself at Onox Castle, I was really happy not that I only found my game, is that the last place I was at was outside of the final boss, I went inside of the castle and keep going straight up the room, I remembered that there were monsters up in everyone before you fought the final boss. I went to the boss room after going through three rooms filled with Wall-Masters, wizards, Darknuts, and a dark face on the ground (I forgot what was it called…) I entered into the boss room, then my memory hit me… this boss is hard when I was a kid, but since I’ve grown up hopefully its easier for me this time…I fought  Onox but he was too hard for me… and then I died… I remember why I haven’t played it in a while… it's because of this damn boss… so I tried again and again I fought his dragon form…but it was hard. After about 10 or more times getting my ass kicked I decided to go look on YouTube on how to beat his dragon form quickly…I found out a trick to defeat him quickly by using the Roc’s Cape to jump on his claws over and over again when you hit him in the face. So I went back into the game and fought him, I try doing the trick and…I died. I booted the game back up and tried again…I died. Again. About the 3rd time I finally got the pattern of his claws, and after about nearly 8 minutes of annoying blue flames and fire balls I finally defeated him…I got the game about 10 years ago and I haven’t even beaten it. No I am not joking, it took me 10 years to finally beat the game. What took me so long? Life.

Anyways after all the talking cutscenes I got a code called “Secret to Labryanna” I now then remember that I had Oracle of Ages alongside Seasons when I first got it but the sad part is that I can’t find Ages and I didn’t have a cable-link, I had no choice but to put Seasons to the side and just didn’t bother with it since even though I felt happy for completing it. Three weeks later after my 10 long year victory from Seasons my brother bought some Pokémon games from Ebay, most the games he ordered were all in one bundle and the games were, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, he came into my room one day and told me that he didn’t know if the games he got on Ebay were real or not since he said that if the cover on the games weren’t shiny or some shit like that, that they are fake. So since he was so worry about getting ripped he asked me to download a emulator, I kind of fought with him a bit because I didn’t trust emulators since my laptop was pretty damn good and I didn’t want it to get some virus, but I finally gave in and downloaded a Gameboy emulator for him and then I downloaded Fire Red for him, and he was happy about it.

During the week since I downloaded the ROM for him he has been using my laptop more than I ever did, he mostly been “kicking” me off of it just to play his game, I pleaded to myself that the games that he got on Ebay were real so I can use my laptop again. A week later his games finally came in the mail, I was home at the time and my brother was a school, I knew that it was his game that were in the package so I went to his room and I place his package on his bed since If I opened the thing he would get all pissed off at me, so I left them there and went to my laptop till he came back from school. He finally came back and I told him that it came and was on top of his bed, he opened it up and I was standing there while I was still pleading to myself that they were real, and… they were! I gave him my Gameboy to play the games and I went back to my laptop to delete the emulator and the ROM, but before I did that he told not to since; “just in case if the games are corrupted” or something like that, “it’s best to leave it on,” I gave out a big sigh and went back to my room.  While on the internet I took a look at my Oracle game, I picked it up and thought of something that I could easily do, I can download Seasons and as well as Ages and see if the codes (since I know there is more than one code) can actually work since I don’t have a Gameboy cable-link or even Ages, so I went onto the site where I downloaded my brother’s game and found Seasons, I downloaded and after It downloaded I dragged the game onto the emulator and it started working! From then on I played Season from beginning to end it took longer than I thought, about 5 days, since I barely remembered where everything or anything was at, so that is why it took a while for me to beat it.

So after I defeated Onox on my first try this time I took a picture of the code for Labyranna on my phone (since I didn’t feel like writing it down) and I downloaded Oracle of Ages. I hoped that the code worked since both the saves of Seasons and Ages were in one file so I hoped that it would be like some kind of a file version on a Gameboy cable-link, I booted up Ages and went to the secret option on the menu screen and put in the code from Seasons, after I put the code in I was hoping for it to work and when I pressed enter it showed Link with a harp, I must of thought it worked since I never seen that before, I selected it and started to game, people in the game made references of my progress on Seasons so that must mean it worked, I gave a big sigh of relief and started playing the game, a good thing is that in Ages it took less days than it did on Seasons, I even went back and forth from Seasons to Ages with the secrets that are giving to you from a bunch of different characters in each of the games to get items such as the Mirror Sheild, Biggoron Sword, more bombs, and even the Master Sword itself.

After beating Varen with only two hearts and going through a bunch of texts from characters I got Impa telling me that Zelda was captured by the Gerudo Witches and I had an option to actually beat the real story of Seasons and Ages, So I went to the Maku Tree and made her unlock a portal to the Witches, I did the eye pattern that need to be done in order to face them and after I did the puzzle I fought the Witches and then Twinrova. It took about a near 10 minutes to beat Twinrova but I managed to kill her, she then summoned Ganon and I defeated him in only less than 10 minutes I believed. So I finally beat both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, after the credits I got the “Hero’s Secret” I took a picture of that code and stopped playing the games now. But something happened, After I went pass the Hero Secret code a text came up, the text box said “You done well, Hero. Now come see me. I… need you. D.” I just thought this was something new, than again I did just beat the games so I didn’t know if this was supposed to happen. I tried to think of who this “D” person was I thought it was someone like Dimitri or maybe a certain Deku Scrub, then right away I thought of one person; Din.

So I went to Seasons and went into town to find Din, but she wasn’t at her normal spot where she is after you beat Seasons, I went to go talk to one of the people around that spot and most of the people say, “She is such a good dancer, you should join her!” or “She is such a nice person” I then realised that the things that these people were saying were not the words that they originally saying, I had a feeling that I unlocked some new content that you get if you beat both games. I headed up to Din’s house but she wasn’t there and I then went up to the place where I first met Din and she was there, she was just standing there, I walked up to her and talked to her, the words that came out of her were a little strange, “It’s so good to see you Hero! I’ve waited here for you after your victory from Ganon!” She then looked to both sides as if she was looking out for something, I was very interested in what may happen, “I want to talk in private Link” I was thinking that I was getting a new quest or something like that but I did chuckle at what she said about talking to Link in private. Link arrived at Din’s house along with Din herself and she just stood there staring at Link, I tried pressing a button but I couldn’t talk to her or even move, I was able to access the menu but couldn’t talk to her, I thought I was in the middle of a cutscene still and waiting for a movement from either Din or Link.

Din finally moved, it didn’t take that long only like about less than 10 seconds she then looks behind her and went inside her house and the screen fade to black, I really don’t know what happened the last moments I saw before the black screen showed up. The last things i saw pretty much was Din entering her house and Link looking at her door, after the screen faded out I saw Link sleeping in bed, I thought something interesting happened when the screen fade to black, I thought that Link may have had sex with Din, then again it did cut to black when Din went inside her house and she did say she wanted to talk to Link in “Private”, but maybe that’s just me, then again I guess anything is possible, it could have been an normal scene where Din wanted to talk to Link and Link may have slept… I don’t know really I’m just guessing. After Link got out of bed I went outside to find Din, as I left Din’s house the world was all gloomy, the ground was black and the trees were dead and the water was all murky and dirty, my eyes were wide open since I thought this was the Oracle games version of the Dark World from A Link to The Past, I went up to the place where I first met Din and the bushes that were blocking the way up was replaced with a bolder so I couldn’t really get pass it so the only way to go is to head into town, the town was also dark and gloomy, I went around town to see if anyone is there, but I couldn’t see anyone and the buildings of the town was all destroyed, I tried enter into one of the buildings but they were mostly blocked off except for one, It was the Ring Shop that the building I was able to enter, as soon as I went in I saw a skeleton person standing where the Ring Shop owner would stand, I talked to him but he just said “Leave… or else” I was of course threatened to leave this dark town but as soon as I headed towards the door the owner said “Your flesh... we will dine on it…” I thought that was kind of gritty for a Zelda game but then I remembered that this game did just came out a year after Majora’s Mask so it would make sense to add some dark elements for a Zelda game.

I went to go see the Maku Tree, the Maku Tree was dark brown and was sad, his nose was cracked with the leaf missing and his eyes were pure eye but his pupils were silver. I went up to talk to him, “A… child… she will… take care of it… from its father… that… destroyed us… and me…” the Maku Tree closed his eyes and a white flash came at the screen and after the flash the Maku Tree is shown with his eyes pure black with a little white dot in the center, “destroyed me” after he said those words another flash came and Link was surrounded by a group of skeletons and animals, they came closer to Link, I tried to attack and i was able to hit them with my sword, I repeatedly massed the attack button at them but they wouldn’t die, “destroyed us” everytime I attacked them they get faster and faster “the child” afterwards I couldn’t attack anymore and I was stuck in one place, the skeletons came up to Link and the screen went to black, and then a text came out of nowhere “Nayru… She waits” after that I found Link in the graveyard and I saw a random man, I talked to him and he said to me was “I got a secret that I want to tell you! It’s really amazing!  You want to hear it?” I selected yes and a code came up called “Child Forgive” I guessed I had to go to Ages since the game said Nayru so I assumed that I had to go there.

Once I got into Ages I went into my file and went inside the Maku tree to Farore and put in the code, as soon as I put in the code Farore opened up a portal, “go…” Farore said to Link after she opened the portal. When I exited out of the portal I was in Labyranna…but it was just like Holodrum, dark, gloomy, murky pretty much like it but this time was different… this part I really remembered… I saw bodies of people on the ground but they didn’t really have an animation it’s just them looking down onto the ground, I went to find Nayru and before I approached Nayru’s place I was confronted by Ralph, he just stood there and said “You…will not take her from me! I…am her friend! I…will protect her! And I…WILL DIE FOR HER!!” Ralph then attack me but I didn’t really want to hurt him but I had no choice and I cannot even leave the area, I was stuck in one place, so I attack him and with only 4 shots he was down “Nayru… I… am sorry… my… love…” Ralph didn’t move, I couldn’t believe that I killed Ralph I couldn’t believe that this is in the game, but that… is what I find hard to believe. I went up to Nayru’s house and when I entered I saw Nayru standing there looking at her wall, Link then moved to her on his own, Nayru turned to Link and once again the screen fade to black.

Link awakened from bed, I just thought “Great! Link now fucked both Din and Nayru?!” after I left the house I saw another portal, I entered it, (Cause... whythefucknot? I got myself this far...)  and saw myself behind both Din and Nayru in some dark room, they approached Link slowly and both of them stood one either side of Link “He’s beautiful” said Din “She’s beautiful” said Nayru and in front of us was an altar with two babies on the altar, Link then slowly approached the altar, Link stopped at the altar and a text box appeared saying “what would you name him?” I just put a random name “Pete” after I put the name a text says “he will grow up to be a healthy man” Link went up to the other baby “what would like to name her?” I put “Lily” a text box appeared again “She will grow up to be a fair lady” after that both Din and Nayru came up to Link they said to him at once “Live with me. Protect me. Love me. Die with me.”

The screen faded to black and a picture came up afterwards. The picture looked like it was made in Windows Paint it looked cheesy, but anyways the screen contained three Triforces and they look like they have been smashed and broken with faces in the center of them and even a face on the top of some words, the face looked like the face of Dark Link with the others being inverted, I can barely make out the words but from what I remember it looked like it says;

Thank you Goddesses for

The Children of mine.

Who teach me things

That blow my mind.

They entertain themselves

In the funniest ways.

I pray that the innocence

They possess.

May never goes away

Geez… I remember those words, looked like some kind of poem, and by the sound it, it sounds like it’s about the babies that was on the altar it is pretty creepy and at the bottom of that picture it says of course; “Save and quit?” I actually selected “Yes” so that I won’t have to go through this weird shit again, after the save it went back to the intro but when I went to the menu I saw Link standing with Din…and beside them is the face of Dark Link…just staring towards the screen.

Well that’s my story of what I saw and did I go back to the games again after those experience? Well… of course I did! Like I said they didn’t really bother me it was just really interesting and I hope you run into this experience like I did, then again, this could be caused by the ROM I downloaded, I looked up on the internet about these and no result came up about, dark world clone, Link having sex with Din and Nayru, babies… and well a whole lot of weird shit that I came across, nothing came up (Well... nothing releated to the game itself)  .....  So anyway thank you for reading I know this is long but I had to share it with people, hell I even just downloaded Link's Awakening not too long after this happened, since all the weird stuff happened on the Oracle games I'm kind of hoping I run into some unusual things in it also, and if I do, I will tell you all about it.

Thank you. And remember: be careful of the ROM you download! Because weird shit is bound to happen that can mess up your childhood...


Save and Quit..

The Poem

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