One night, at Meds' leopard-clothed bachelor pad...Sir Areis Lionheart is about to begin some hot sexual relations with his best friend Ruby when all of a sudden, Rainbow Dash, another girlfriend of his, appears out of nowhere and confronts him.
Heyayayay original02:07

Heyayayay original

All the while this is playing in the background :3

Rainbow Dash: "Why aren't we gonna have fun!?"

Sir Areis Lionheart:"Dash, think I'm gonna be with Ruby this time."

Rainbow Dash: "Why?"

Sir Areis Lionheart:"Because I gave you the rainbow crabs, and i dont wanna end up being strapped to your hoof with switchblades on our hands trying to stab each other in a moment of manly 80s goodness. And i certainly dont want no michael jackson interrupting our fight, and ending up being part of a choreography"

Ruby the Dolphin:"Deal with it"

Rainbow Dash:..."I will sue you" Ruby the Dolphin approaches Dash slowly until their chests press agaisnt each other then makes out hard and deep with Rainbow Dash, BECAUSE THIS NEEDS HOT UNADULTERATED SEX. Sir Areis Lionheart eats a kitten and in the corner, The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0 faps rapidly to the two girls, but it turns out its a cyborg clone, the real meds cums from behind and kicks that cyborgs butt!.

Sir Areis Lionheart grew up into a nice healthy young woman and Rainbow Dash grew a penis and had a baby MEDS 3.0 with Ruby. WildViper009 came out of nowhere when suddendly the cast of Jershey Whore came from the TV and harrased Areis's mates, but then Areis stepped in and shot a ball of fire from his crotch.

WildViper009 flopped onto Meds and commenced having hot interracial action with him, making a baby cookie they named EDD, but as it turns out that meds was another cyborg the real meds was popped from Ruby's butt. The party continued all night long, with Meds drinking all the milk that he could while WildViper got high on Dr. Pepper, and Sir Areis was smoking some of that nice HEYYEYYEYYEY!

Meds: "Do you like anal?"

WildViper009: "Yes I do."

With Meds' magic pill powers, the universe was born nine months later weighing a healthy eight and a half pounds, and Sonic popped up from out of nowhere, saying "I AM GOD" before Meds ran him down in his Bentley, and Sir Areis shined his axe, if you know what I mean.


Russian Dancing Men01:33

Russian Dancing Men

The Fabulous Dancing Men

Suddendly A HUGE BLACK CLOUD CAME FROM THE SKY AND DROPPED A HUGE LOAD OF CUM UPON THE CITY OF SOGANAL EVERYONE WAS COVERED IN CUM!All of a sudden, Mutahar appeared from Meds' butt saying "IT'S TIME TO DIE FUCKERS!" and he began to chase all of us around New York City, bare-ass naked. While the police stood by in Pedobear suits and did the chicken dance and a bunch of mobsters began to do the Russian Dancing Men dance.

25.000 People died and 6.5000 was injured that day.


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