Note: In case anyone is wondering why this is formatted this way, it is because it is a screenplay. For those who wanted to give an opinion on it, try to critique it as though it is a movie, since it is a screenplay. Enjoy!



Thick fog surrounds the RUINS of old buildings. All is silent.

Suddenly, a distant SHRIEK shatters the silence and FOOTSTEPS stomp closer and closer.

The SHADOW of a man dashes by one of the buildings. The shadow is followed by many shadows, who are waving their hands in fury and moaning. The shadow grabs hold of a tall LAMPOST and begins to climb. It is TROY ROCKS, a man wearing a backpack and a gas mask.

As he climbs, the other shadows, which are humans with rotting flesh and bright red sclera, called ZOMBIES, reach at him. Troy climbs higher, until he’s at the top. The zombies begin to climb as well, and the lamppost begins to shake. Troy glances toward a BUILDING that’s foundations still remain and jumps.

Almost in slow motion, he looks down at the zombie crowd. Troy begins to flap his arms in panic, as if trying to swim through the air. He hits the ground hard and stumbles, but quickly regains his balance.

He looks around, until his eyes stop on a SECTION OF A WALL that is the remains of one building.

He runs to it and stands behind it. The zombie crowd runs straight by him.


Hundreds of people gather around a platform. On top of it is LLOYD MARDOX, an early-70s man in a suit and tie. The crowd cheers. Lloyd raises his hand, then the crowd quickly GOES SILENT.

LLOYD Gentlemen! We have gathered here today to recognize the significant progress of our research into a cure for the Spanish Flu.

The crowd cheers again, more loudly than before. Lloyd SMILES at them, then raises his hand and the crowd goes silent once again.

LLOYD A brilliant scientist by the name of Henry Octagon has followed in the footsteps of his equally intelligent father, who we now know as Oren Octagon, the man who dedicated his life to researching a cure for the plague that has ended millions upon millions of us.

While the crowd cheers once again, Lloyd turns around and whispers to someone in the crowd. The “someone” steps forward. It is HENRY OCTAGON, who is wearing a lab coat above a suit and tie. Lloyd helps him onto the platform before turning back toward the crowd.

LLOYD This is him. Henry Octagon, the biologist who dedicated his life to the betterment of mankind!

Henry nods slightly and gives a sad smile. He turns to Lloyd and whispers something in his ear.


Lloyd sits in at his desk, which is filled to the brim with paintings and paper. He is SPINNING A PEN in his hand.

A door opens OS and HAROLD RAY walks in. He’s wearing ordinary clothes, but there is a BADGE stapled to his shirt that says “Police of The Hideout.” Harold takes a seat across from Lloyd. A silence fills the air. It goes on and on and on and…

HAROLD You told me to come?

LLOYD Indeed. I have the impression someone is getting jealous of us being the civilization that could save the planet.

HAROLD How do you know?

LLOYD Recently, a shipment of grenades disappeared. You’re going to investigate this case and track down whoever is attempting to damage us.

HAROLD Okeydokey.

LLOYD Good attitude, detective. You’ll start the investigation tomorrow.

Harold yawns and stretches his legs. Suddenly, a quiet HUM rings through the air for a moment, surprising Harold, then goes away.

LLOYD Are you comfortable?

HAROLD Totally, I’m just having an …episode.

The hum RETURNS, this time louder.

GRUFF VOICE (VO) You stupid Harold! Murderer!

Harold shakes his head and both the voice and the hum stop.

HAROLD So, what’s up with Troy?

LLOYD He’s still in Berlin. We agreed that should he not communicate with us or come back for the duration of a month, we will determine that he has died. Hopefully, he will be brought home intact.


Troy is still standing behind the wall. The peeks over the wall to see that there are no zombies left.

He looks over the opposite side of the wall to see a handful of zombies behind the remains of the walls of one building EATING something.

Troy takes a deep breath and slowly walks from his point of cover to the wall of the other building. He begins to move along the walls.

Suddenly, he trips on a skull of someone, which shatters. The zombies stop for a moment and LOOK AROUND in confusion. Then they return to eating.

Troy continues and reaches the end of the wall. He leans into the distance and just makes out a small HOUSE that seems intact. Troy gets onto his knees and begins to crawl toward the house.

Once there, he gets up and tries to open the window, but it’s shut. He slips his fingers under the window struggles to get it free, grunting as he does so.

The zombies stop focusing on whatever they were eating and begin to look around again. Troy flips his head toward the crowd of zombies before returning to forcing the window. Finally, he gets it free and leaps in.

Troy looks at his surroundings. He is in a BEDROOM, which is filled with stuffed teddy bears and posters of children’s books.

Troy turns to the window and shuts it and then closes the curtains. He goes to the bed and lies on it, staring on the ceiling through his gas mask.


Tens of soldiers put on gas masks as MIST creeps toward their trenches. Troy pushes through the crowd to get to one the guns.

He aims it carefully at a figure in the distance and fires. The figure Troy aims at collapses as a result.

Harold taps Troy on the shoulder and as the mist fills the trench, he points toward a man lying the ground, gasping, with burns over his face.

TROY What the hell the happened to him?

HAROLD His gas mask broke!

Harold leans down and covers the man’s face.

HAROLD Cover his torso! Cover his torso! Keep as much of this gas off him!


Troy sits up on the bed and turns toward the TEDDY BEARS. He gets and walks toward them before picking up two of them up and crouching in front the bed. He places both of the stuffed bears on the blankets. He then picks up one of them and waves its arm.

TROY (In an excessively squeaky voice) Hey Bob. Did you get the milk?

Troy puts the first bear down and shakes the head of the second bear.

TROY No. The Spanish Flu is killing everyone, so the shop’s quarantined. A bunch of joes are guarding it now.

Troy gets up and walks to a nearby door. When he enters, he sees that he is in a bathroom. He takes off his backpack and grabs 2 FILTERS out of the pockets. He then takes off the 2 his gas mask currently have and replaces them with the new ones.

He then goes over to the toilet and pulls up the lid. He reaches for his pants to begin to unbutton…

But then a HAND reaches out of the nearby bath and grabs Troy’s leg. Troy begins to pull hard, but the hand, which is attached to a ZOMBIE, holds on tight.

Troy kicks the zombie, causing it to wail for a moment, giving him enough time to get free and stand up.

He runs for his backpack, but the zombie, which has crawled onto the floor, grabs his leg again. Troy breaks the zombie’s grip free, but in the process, is knocked to the floor.

He glances around and sees a PLUNGER. He reaches for it, but the zombie climbs on top of him and reaches at his chest. Troy punches the zombie, causing it to scream in agony for a moment.

During the moment, Troy breaks off the wooden end of the plunger and stands up once again. He stabs the broken-off end of the plunger through the zombie’s head. It goes still and silent.

TROY Oh…god.

Troy grabs his backpack from the sink and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Breathing heavily, he slumps onto the bed and, without taking off his gas mask, CLOSES HIS EYES.


Harold opens the entrance to his BEDROOM, which is filled with cracks and no windows, and has a handful of shelves stocked with food, water, clothing, and medical supplies.

Harold takes off his shirt and throws it into a pile of clothes in the corner of the room. He then goes to his sleeping bag and lies down.

He looks at POSTER that shows a lightbulb shaped like a skyscraper with text that says “The Hideout: A Refuge for All Americans.” Harold squints at the poster, than closes his eyes and falls asleep.


Harold is sleeping, almost completely still. Stabs of sunlight penetrate the cracks in his room and make him begin to stir slightly. The stirring turns into shaking until Harold opens his eyes and lifts his head up a bit. He glances around and begins to get up.


Harold walks out of the door of his flat. Around him, people walk around or ride on horseback wearily.

Harold jogs through the street. He stops suddenly and turns toward a MAN walking by him. He taps him on the shoulder.

HAROLD What’s the time?

MAN  9:30.

Troy nods and continues to walk, a bit faster than before.

…until he comes to an apartment building that has peeling PAINT on the door that says “Hideout Police Department.” Harold enters.

Inside the building, there are people with the same badge Harold has running around holding stacks of paper. Harold shuffles through the crowd until he makes his way to the stairs at the end of the room and begins to walk up them.

When he’s at the top, he is in a hall with many doors to apartment rooms. Each has a paper label on it that says an employee’s name.

As he walks down the hall, a SCREECHING sound comes from the walls. Harold stops abruptly at the noise. The sound is quickly replaced by a loud, inhumane scream.

GRUFF VOICE (VO) Murderer! Murderer!

Harold presses his hands to his ears and GRITS HIS TEETH. Suddenly, the sound comes to a halt. Harold drops his hands to his sides and shakes his head.

HAROLD Totally stupid voice.

Harold continues to walk to the end of the hall, down to a room that is labeled “Harold Ray.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a KEY, which he inserts into the door’s keyhole. The door opens.

Before he goes in, someone taps him on the shoulder. Harold turns around and sees that it is RORY, a man in his late 40s who also has a police badge on his shirt.

RORY Hello, Harold.

HAROLD Hey-o, Rory.

RORY Just came to ask, how’s Troy doing.

HAROLD Alright. Still cold as ever, though.

Harold sighs.

HAROLD I miss him.

RORY He’ll come back.

HAROLD No, I know he will. I just …miss when he had more mood in him.

RORY Maybe I’ll talk to him?

HAROLD Nah, I will. Thanks.

Rory waves good bye and leaves Harold. He walks into his room.

When Harold enters, he is in a room with nothing other than a desk with an assortment of paper and pens on it, along with some newspaper.

He sits down at the chair and picks up his pen. After taking a piece of paper from the stack of paper, he WRITES “Case 14.” Harold grabs one of the newspaper articles and places it near his paper. He continues writing.


On June 12, 1928…

Harold stops writing.


Harold is dashing through the street. He then comes to a large BUILDING that has paint on it that says “president’s office.” Surrounding the building is a large gate.

Harold begins to enter through the gate, but is stopped by a GUARD in a suit and sunglasses.

GUARD Stop. You cannot enter except on official business.

HAROLD My business is totally official. I’m investigating a crime.

Harold shows his badge to the guard, who then nods and walks away. Harold continues walking toward the entrance.


Lloyd is sitting at his desk, writing scribbles in a notebook.

Harold opens the door and saunters in.

LLOYD Harold.

HAROLD Bud, about the grenades, how many were stolen and of what type.


Harold is sitting at his desk, writing in his notebook.

HAROLD (VO, CONT’D) …16 MK12 grenades were stolen from the armory.


Harold is sitting on a bench across from a YOUNG WOMAN.

HAROLD Have you any information on this crime?

YOUNG WOMAN Nope. Can’t say I do.


Harold is now sitting next to a different person, this time an OLD MAN.

HAROLD You totally have nothing?



Harold is pacing his room, stomping with every step.

HAROLD There’s nothing. Nothing.

Harold slumps into his chair. He searches through the pile of paper that has already been written on and finds a clean sheet. He begins to write.


There are no known witnesses to this incident, besides Lloyd.

Harold leans back in his chair and stares at the ceiling. Suddenly, Harold takes in a sharp breath. He LEAPS UP from his seat and grabs his paper and a pen.

HAROLD That’s it! That’s totally it!


Troy begins to stir slightly. He then leans up and steps out of bed. He grabs up his backpack and pulls out a NOTEBOOK and a pen. He writes inside it.

TROY (VO) Day 12 of searching. Still no life.

Troy places the notebook back in his bag and takes out a HANDGUN. He puts on his backpack and climbs out the window he came in through onto the streets of Berlin.

On the streets, Troy, holding his gun by his side, saunters through down the road.


Troy is still walking down the roads of Berlin. He climbs over an upturned car. As he makes his way over it, he hears a SCREAM in the distance. Troy shifts his gun to a more ready position and stands still, waiting.

Suddenly, a BULLET hits the car behind Troy. The scream is heard again, and Troy climbs over the car he just passed and takes cover behind it.

TROY Who are you? Who are you?

The scream is heard even closer. Troy begins to get out of his crouching position and stand up to peak over the edge, slowly.

A BEAT-UP MAN steps out of the fog. His facial expression is twisted into a fake, exaggerated grin and his clothes are torn. He’s wielding a gun and his stomach has caved-in.

BEAT-UP MAN Get your hands up you stupid zombie!

TROY I’m not…

BEAT-UP MAN No! I’m not fooling around! You aren’t the first talking zombie I’ve seen.

TROY (whispers) Fuck.

Troy gets up for a moment and FIRES HIS GUN. He quickly crouches again. The man shrieks, as the bullet has hit him in the shoulder.

BEAT-UP MAN Not compliant, eh?

The man tosses the gun aside and from his backpack, pulls out a GRENADE.

BEAT-UP MAN Eat this!

He throws the grenade, and Troy’s EYES WIDEN. He gets up and dashes away from the bomb.

As if in slow motion, it begins to EXPLODE, causing a fire to burst from the bomb.

Troy grits his teeth as he tries to out run it, but it moves toward him faster than he can run. Troy buries his mouth in his sleeve as the fire emits SMOKE that swirls around his face.

The fire begins to diminish, but not before it hits Troy, causing the back of his jacket to SET ON FIRE. The explosion fully diminishes.

Troy sighs a breath of relief, but then sees that a fire is spreading across his clothes. He drops to the floor and begins to ROLL back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until the fire is out.

Troy sits up and breathe a sigh of relief. Slowly, he gets up and walks back toward where the bomb was. He sees a CRATER, but does not see the man.

TROY Poor bastard.

Troy reaches into his backpack and takes out the notebook. He writes in it.

TROY (VO) Day 12. One survivor found so far. Clearly insane and starving. Now dead from explosion.

Troy places the notebook back in his backpack and continues walking.


Troy is still walking, although it is getting dark. Abruptly, he stops. He leans forward at SOMETHING in the fog. He also hears faint CRACKING sounds. He crouches slightly and continues to walk toward the figure.

Soon, he sees that the “something” is a CAMPSITE. There is a pile of wood being heated by a dying fire, and there is a tent that has a large HOLE in its side.

Troy grabs out his gun from his backpack and shifts it to a ready position. He slowly walks toward the campsite.

TROY Hello? Hello?

Troy’s words ECHO throughout the campsite.

Troy walks toward the TENT. Peaking inside, he notices a small sleeping bag. Next to the sleeping bag is a pile of newspapers and suitcase that is sealed shut. Troy unclips the suitcase and opens it.

Inside, there is a DEAD DEER. Troy stands in shock for moment at this site. Then he shuts the suitcase and runs outside. He lifts up his gas mask a bit to reveal his mouth and VOMITS all over the ground.

Troy seals his gas mask again and takes a deep breath. He then goes to the fire, which has now completely died down.

He leans toward the fire and notices that near the pile of wood, there is a small NOTE. Troy picks up the note. It reads “Please find me. I can’t stand living here any longer. Look on the back for my location.”

Suddenly, the deer from earlier JUMPS ON Troy and knocks him to ground. The deer begins to stomp on Troy with his feet and Troy sees that the deer’s flesh is rotting, like a zombie.

Troy flips his head to the right and sees the he dropped his gun. Troy punches the deer in the face, causing it to wail and fall on its back.

As it attempts to straighten itself, Troy crawls toward the gun and picks it up. Before he can get up, the deer gets up and jumps on Troy again. Troy aims the gun at the deer’s head, but the deer grabs the gun with its mouth and SWALLOWS it.

Troy kicks the deer in the stomach, causing it to fall back again. Troy gets up and looks at the dead fire place. He notices a PIECE OF WOOD that hasn’t been fully burned and grabs it. He runs up to the deer as it gets up and stabs it in the stomach. The deer SCREAMS.

Troy tries to pull out the wood, but it’s stuck. So he stomps on the deer’s head repeatedly. With every stomp, the deer wails in agony. Until suddenly, it GOES SILENT AND STILL.


When he’s inside, he’s in a long hall that is lined with rows of stairs. He walks down the hall for a bit before entering one set of stairs.

When he’s at the top, he’s a in a hall that is identical to the first one, but with doors on the side and at the end. Harold walks toward it and enters.

When he enters, he is in Lloyd’s office from earlier. Lloyd is sitting at his desk, PAINTING on a canvas. Harold marches to him.

HAROLD What’s up?

LLOYD I’ve been working on this tremendous canvas for 2 years to make this visual artwork.

Lloyd stops painting and turns the ARTWORK toward Harold. It shows two people holding hands with grim expressions on their faces.

HAROLD Oh. Neat-o.

LLOYD I take great delight in learning that you enjoy this. I based this painting off your personality.

Harold just sits there, watching Lloyd.

LLOYD You see, despite the grim looks the two people seem to have, they are holding hands. This is meant to represent optimism, which is what describes you. Now, what have you come to see me about?

HAROLD I would like to take a look at some of your security footage.

LLOYD I’m sorry, you can’t. Only guards and certain politicians can take a look at the footage, except in dire circumstances.

Harold raises his eyebrows in confusion.

HAROLD Well, bombs have been stolen. Isn’t that sort of dire?

LLOYD We have already examined the footage and have determined that the bombs were stolen from the outside of this country’s borders.

HAROLD That doesn’t make this problem any less bad, does it?

LLOYD No, but we have already determined that the man responsible for the grenades disappearance was a man named Ken Jo. He was a former resident of Japan who raided the grenades in an attempt to gain means of defending himself. You can visit him in prison if you want to.

HAROLD I think I will.

Harold gets up and begins to walk away.

LLOYD Do try to make the conversation brief, as the prisoner has shown his violent behavior patterns since he’s arrived.

Harold stops and turns back toward Lloyd.

HAROLD That’s totally overprotective talk, don’t you think?

Harold continues to walk away.



Harold is walking through a narrow hall, escorted by a PRISON GUARD. On both sides are CELLS, most which are empty. The cells clearly have not been cleaned in a while, and they all contain only a pile of rags and a toilet.

The prison guard raises his hand.

PRISON GUARD Stop. This is the cell we want.

The guard gets out a key chain and grabs one of the keys on it. He inserts it into one of the doors and opens it. Harold marches inside.

GUARD You get 5 minutes.

Harold sits down across from KEN JO, who looks as though he has not eaten in a while and wears a torn Japanese military outfit that hasn’t been washed in years.

KEN You wanted to see me?

Harold nods.

KEN Well, if you are going to rub in my face that I’m guilty, I’m not listening.

HAROLD No. I think Lloyd isn’t being honest. He’s was a bit overprotective the last time I talked to him.

KEN So, you think I didn’t do it?

HAROLD I’m not sure.

KEN Well, I didn’t do it.

HAROLD Really? Then why are you here?

Ken I don’t know. I think I overheard one of the guards arresting me talking about a plan about bombing something.

Harold’s EYES WIDEN at hearing this.



Troy is reorganizing his things in his backpack. He then takes out a handful of crackers and eats them. Afterward, he turns toward the note from earlier and looks on the back. “On the back, it reads “Look for the yellow kid.”

Troy stares at the letter for a moment. He then goes back inside the tent. He searches the newspapers and finds a comic titled “The Yellow Kid.” He looks on the comic strip, and finds text written across the comic strip that says “5 miles north.”

TROY (Under his breath) So there is a survivor here. After all this time.

Troy gets up and grabs his backpack. He pulls out a compass from it and turns north. He begins to dash in that direction.


Troy stops walking. He is still in Berlin, but he’s now in a part where the buildings are more spread-out. He looks at the sun and yawns. Looking around, he observes the handful of houses around him. He then walks into one that’s close to him.


Troy sits on the bed of the house he’s just entered, staring at the ceiling.

He then turns toward his backpack, which has been set on the floor and reaches in and pulls out a CAN OF PEACHES.

He lifts up his gas mask to reveal his mouth and reaches into the backpack once more, pulling out a can opener. He opens the can and grabs out some peaches and swallows them whole.


Troy is sleeping in his bed, snoring.


Troy and Harold are covering a man who is wearing a broken gas mask as TEAR GAS swirls around them. The man is screaming in agony.

Suddenly, he goes silent. Harold reaches at his chest.

HAROLD He’s dead.

A GUNSHOT is heard and one soldier falls to the ground.


FIGURES of people wielding guns emerge from the tear gas. All of the soldiers, Harold and Troy included, climb out of the trenches and run away. The figures hold up their guns and begin firing at the crowd.

The soldiers take cover behind numerous trees and rocks. Harold, who is behind a pile of rocks, loads his GUN. He opens its barrel, and sees that there are no bullets inside. He throws down the gun in frustration.

He notices that there is a DEAD BODY of one soldier hiding behind a tree. Harold takes a deep breath and sprints over there. He leans down at the body and sees that its gun is missing.

All of the sudden, a bullet hits the tree that the soldier was ducking behind, narrowly missing Harold. Harold flips toward the figures. He then flips back toward the body and notices that it has a SWORD in its backpack. Harold grabs it and sprints back toward his hiding spot.

Harold crouches behind the pile of rocks and grips the sword tightly. He squints at it and notices that it has an ENGRAVING of a heart with 2 letters on it.

ONE OF THE FIGURES (OS) Ok. Let’s go in. Be sure they’re all dead.

Harold leans slowly out form his hiding spot and sees on one the figures coming toward him. As the figure gets closer, Harold shifts his sword to a better grip.

As soon as the figure passes Harold’s hiding spot, he tackles it and begins to STAB it in the chest rapidly. The figure’s mouth opens to scream, but Harold stabs it in the throat, opening a large gash. It goes silent.


Harold is still sitting across from Ken in the prison cell, like before

HAROLD He’s planning to launch a bomb?

KEN I don’t know. I think he also mentioned…uh…


KEN Never mind.

HAROLD What did he say?

KEN I don’t know.

HAROLD What did he say?

Ken’s face twists into a grin.

KEN We wanted to see if you would start asking questions.

Suddenly, the prison guard from earlier KNOCKS Harold unconscious with his rifle.

PRISON GUARD You played that very well.

KEN Thanks. Has his friend returned?

PRISON GUARD No. Troy won’t be interfering with the plan anytime soon.


Lloyd is sitting at his desk, holding an apple that he takes an occasional bite into in one hand and a paint brush that he’s using to paint on a canvas in the other.

The entrance to the office opens and Henry Octagon walks in.

HENRY You asked to see me?

LLOYD Indeed. I strongly hope that the plan is functioning smoothly.

HENRY Yes. Harold has been arrested, so with that distraction out of the way, we can…

LLOYD No, don’t place him under that label. He’s a good friend, and I didn’t want him to have to be locked up, but the issues at hand demanded as such.

HENRY OK, sir. Do you know when we will launch the bombs?

LLOYD We’ll need a few days, as the boats designed to transport them to Japan need high quantities of fuel, which may take a little while to provide.

HENRY Understood.

LLOYD Good night.

HENRY Good night, sir.


Troy is snoring loudly in his bed. Sunlight moves in through the windows and hits Troy’s eyes, causing him to stir, then wake up.

Troy gets up and picks up his backpack. He jumps through the window near his bed and is back in the street he was in last night.

TROY Hello?

Troy spins in a circle, looking around at the space, which is empty except for several small, broken down houses, including the one he entered.

TROY Hello? Hello?

The words ECHO through the air for a moment. Troy sighs as the echo dies down.

Suddenly, Troy trips. He looks behind him and sees that a BABY ZOMBIE is pulling on his pant leg. The baby zombie falls down and struggles to get back up. Troy gets to his feet and looks at the baby zombie.

The baby zombie continues to scramble and finally gets to its feet, only to fall again. Troy walks up to the baby zombie and STOMPS on its head. The baby zombie goes still and silent.

TROY Poor kid.

Troy turns around and continues to look at the houses.

Suddenly, an ARROW swoops past Troy and hits a raccoon that was crawling through the grass.

Troy flips his head toward the direction that the arrow came from, and sees that it came from on top of one of the houses, from a woman named JADE CHRISSY. She’s wearing bits of fabric sewn together and standing firm and strong holding a crossbow.

JADE Who are you?

TROY The real question is, who on you?

JADE Wouldn’t hurt to say your name too though, right?

TROY Troy. You?

JADE Jade. What are you doing in my town?

TROY Your town?

JADE Yes. I’m the only one in town. Possibly the only person from here to New Yawk, so that makes it my town.

TROY Well, despite how screwed everything is, you aren’t. I came here following a clue from a message crying for help.

JADE That was me years back, when this all started.

TROY Then?

JADE Then I became better at surviving.

TROY But the fire looked recent.

JADE Some people use the camp here and there. Why did you look for me?

TROY We have a refuge called The Hideout back in USA. I have a boat man who can take us there.

Jade grabs another arrow from her back and puts it in the string, which she pulls back.

JADE You tools can’t be trusted. No one can anymore.

TROY Fine, I’ll leave.

Troy turns around and begins to walk away. After he walks the first handful of steps, he turns back toward Jade, who is still aiming her bow at him.

TROY But, this is your last chance to come along. We aren’t doing another sweep on this country again, since everyone thinks Germany is a dead country.

Jade lowers her bow and stares steadily at him.

TROY There’s chow, docs, and more than enough bunks for everyone.

Jade puts her arrow back in her quiver. She jumps down from the wrecked house, landing straight on her feet.

JADE I’ve been down cellar too long. I’ll go. Let me get my things.

TROY I have some chow and…

JADE You can never be too careful.


Harold lies in a cell. Flies gather around the big BRUISE on his forehead.

Harold begins to stir, then he opens his eyes. He sweeps away the flies with his hands and gets up. Harold looks around at his muddy cell.

Harold leans out through the bars of his cell and looks down at the hallways, which contain only a few PRISON PATROLS.

HAROLD Guys, I don’t belong here!

One of the patrols walks over to him.

PATROL ONE Really? Then how do you explain this?

The patrol digs into his pocket and pulls out a NEWSPAPER. Its headline reads “Harold Ray, 43, attempts assassination on Lloyd Mardox.”

HAROLD No…no. I didn’t do that!

PATROL TWO Oh really? Then why is it that you have not one, but three witnesses.

PATROL THREE No point in reasoning with him. He’ll come to terms with his life sentence later.

HAROLD Life sentence?

GRUFF VOICE (VO) You deserve it! Deserve it!

HAROLD Oh, shut up.


Henry Octagon and a woman named FLOYD stand firmly in front of Lloyd.

LLOYD I just want to say that I am extremely grateful that you pulled off that story.

FLOYD No problem, sir.

Henry nods.

LLOYD Now exit this room, Floyd. I require a moment with Mr. Octagon alone.

Floyd nods and exits the room.

LLOYD Now, as part of the plan, I want to ask this once more. Do you think we could cure this version of the Spanish Flu through any other, less aggressive means?

HENRY Sadly, no. The structure of the strain that reanimates corpses is…elaborate. And as much as me and my team try to study it, it dies quickly in lab environments.

LLOYD Then I am now aware that we must proceed with the plan. As it is the last hope for humans.

HENRY Starting a war? How’s that going to help?

LLOYD The human population will be so reduced that the virus will be unable to spread and it will die out. I understand if you feel like this is incorrect, but it is the only available course of action.


Harold looks at the bars of his prison. One of the patrols walks up to him and slips him a PLATE under the bars.

Harold picks up the plate and looks at his food. It’s a bit of meat, some water, and a bit of soup.

Harold picks up the spoon on the plate and digs it into the soup. He picks up the spoon, which now contains a bit of the soup, and puts it in his mouth. As he puts the now-empty spoon down, sweat runs down his face.

One of the patrols from before walks up to his prison bars.

PATROL Adjusting yet?

HAROLD No. The food’s awful. The soup’s yucky, and the meat is…


HAROLD The meat is slippery.

PATROL Get used to it, as you’ll be there a long time.

The patrol walks away. Meanwhile, Harold’s face breaks into a grin.

HAROLD (Under his breath) Slippery.

Harold grabs one of the pieces of MEAT and slips it under the door. He leans back on his sleeping bag and smiles broadly.

HAROLD This better work.

One of the patrols walks wearily along the halls.

Suddenly, he slips on the piece of meat and falls. He lets go of his BATON, which roles next to Harold.

Harold crawls toward the bars and squeezes his hand through the bars. He tries to reach the baton, but it is just too far away.

Out of nowhere, one of the patrols grabs his hand and squeezes it tight.

The other patrol gets up and using his keys, unlocks the door. He then goes in and grabs Harold’s arm.

PATROL TWO You’re going to solitary confinement.

Harold breaks free of the patrol’s grip and grabs the baton. He bashes it against the first patrol, who blocks it with his own. The other patrol hits Harold from behind. He flips around to see the patrols that hit him, but not before the previous one grabs him from behind.

PATROL TWO Don’t even think about it.

The other guard reaches forward to get Harold’s baton, but Harold breaks the other guard’s grip free and HITS it into the guard’s groin.

As the guard wails in pain, Harold runs down the halls. The 2 patrols chase him.

Harold runs down the hallways and up some stairs. He’s now at what seems to be the front desk of an apartment building. He looks around and sees that there’s an exit at the end of the hall. He dashes down it and BURSTS through the door.

He’s now in the street. It’s crowded with people, and many of them notice Harold and panic at seeing him. Meanwhile, the GUARDS, who are now holding guns, run through out of the apartment building as they charge after him.

Harold looks around at the street, which is getting empty as most civilians have ran from Harold. He notices a SEWER ENTRANCE.

He dashes toward it and hits his baton on it several times, until it bursts open. He then jumps inside.

PATROL TWO Should we chase him?

PATROL THREE There’s corpses down there. He’ll get eaten long before he finds an alternative route out.


Harold hits the ground of the sewer hard. He gets up and brushes the filthy water off of his shoulder. He then looks up at the entrance he came through.

Harold begins to frantically PACE to hallways of the sewer.

HAROLD What to do? What to do? What to do?


Harold shakes his head in disgust and continues pacing.

Abruptly, his face breaks into a wide smile.

HAROLD That’s it!

Harold leans down and scoops up a bit of the water on the ground. He then PAINTS it on the crumbling walls.

First he paints a long, thick tube with a stick figure inside. He makes it get narrower as it goes to what appears to be a toilet.

Then he paints a stick figure standing in front of another stick figure.

He steps back and admires his painting.

He then turns around and begins walking across the halls.

Suddenly, he stops.

HAROLD Only…how am I going to find an exit?


Troy and Jade are walking back in the direction Troy came in. Jade has a backpack containing her bow and quiver on her back.

TROY You a German citizen?

JADE My ma and pa didn’t come from here, but I came here after the war.

TROY Is there anyone you know who could be alive?

JADE Why are you asking me this?

TROY Lloyd Mardox doesn’t trust people he knows nothing about.

JADE He your leader?

Troy nods. The two continue walking.


The sun is directly overhead in the sky now, and the two are still walking. It is silent.

They come back to the camp that Troy found yesterday.

TROY There’s your camp.

Jade shakes her head as they walk toward the camp.

JADE That’s her camp.


JADE Jade when this began. The version of me who spent more time reading newspaper comics than being productive.

Troy walks over to the campfire and leans down at it.

TROY Doesn’t sound bad to me, depending on how you use “productive.”

Jade walks over to the tent and leans in. She pulls out a piece of a NEWSPAPER.

JADE Have you seen this comic?

Troy gets back up and turns toward Jade.

TROY You just said you hated comics now.

JADE No, I said I hated my old self now. I still love them. Besides, The Yellow Kid is the balls!

TROY The what?

Jade walks over to Troy and gives the newspaper to him. Troy reads over the headline of an old COMIC. The headline reads “The Yellow Kid Takes a Hand at Golf.”

Troy hands the comic back to Jade.

TROY Never heard of this.

JADE But it’s The Yellow Kid. It’s been around since 1897. How could you not hear of it?

TROY Well, I was a bit distracted by trying to avoid being K.I.A during the war.

A HOWL in the distance interrupts them. The two turn toward the sound of the noise.

Out of the fog, a gigantic CROWD OF ZOMBIES come.

Jade points toward a TREE in the distance.

JADE Up there!

Troy nods and the 2 run as fast as they can toward the tree. Once they are there, they begin to climb.

By the time they are at the top, the zombie crowd has reached them. Jade takes out her bow and arrows, while Troy rips a branch off one of the trees.

JADE Don’t you have a weapon?

TROY A deer swallowed it.

Jade reaches into her backpack and pulls out a PIPE.

JADE Use this!

Troy grabs the pipe from her.

The tree begins to shake back and forth. Some zombies begin to climb on the tree.

One grabs Troy’s leg, and Troy responds by hitting it in the head with the pipe, causing it to fall to the ground and die.

Jade aims her arrow at a zombie in the crowd and fires. One zombie in the crowd falls down dead.

Troy reaches into his backpack and pulls out a LIGHTER. He whacks down another zombie that’s climbing toward him and holds out the lighter to Jade.

TROY Use this on your arrows.

Jade nods and grabs the lighter. She flicks it on and applies the FIRE to one of her arrows. She loads it into her bow and fires.

The FIRE starts on one of the zombies and it spreads rapidly to the vast majority of them. The zombies began to panic and suffocate as they fall to the ground and scramble around. Soon, the fires go out and the zombies go still and silent.

The two begin to climb down from the tree.

TROY Where did you learn that?

JADE I’m self-taught. Your idea, though, was the balls!


Harold is walking stressfully through the halls of the sewers.

He stops walking and turns toward the wall. He POUNDS HIS FIST onto the wall several times, screaming his head off.

Harold stops abruptly and begins taking long deep breaths. He looks up at the ceiling, a tear running down his cheek. He brushes it off.

An OS MOAN nearby causes Harold to flinch slightly. He looks forward and sees a ZOMBIE lying on the ground. IT tries to get up, but tumbles and falls.

Harold walks closer to it slowly. He notices that behind the zombie, there is a long trail of blood. And behind the zombie, there is a SWORD.

Harold takes one more deep breath and STOMPS on the zombie’s head. The zombie goes still and silent.

Harold then creeps over to the sword and pick it up. He rubs the blade of it delicately.


Harold is hiding behind a large pile of rocks. He tosses down the body of an ENEMY SOLDIER that he stabbed to death with a sword.

Harold looks closely at the bloodstained SWORD he used.


Harold has his mouth wide-open as he observes the sword.

A trio of MOANS in the distance makes him jump. He grips the sword tightly by his side and moves forward slowly.

A trio of zombies step out of the shadows. Harold FURROWS HIS BROW at them.

Harold slashes at one of the zombies, causing it to wail in agony and fall dead. The other two begin to charge toward Harold.

Harold tackles one of the two remaining zombie to the ground and stabs it several times.

He stops as soon as the zombie dies, but then the other zombie grabs him from behind. Harold flips around and breaks free of the final zombie’s grasp. He then, with one slash, cuts the zombie’s head off.

Harold looks down at the MESS he just made. He then continues walking, hanging his head as he goes.


Harold is still walking down the sewers, more wearily than before.

He stops as he notices a SIGN on the wall, which is of a football leaving a trail of fire with text that says “The Fire Football Tournament! Sign up now!”

Harold looks up, and sees an EXIT onto the surface.

HAROLD Here goes nothing.

Harold puts the handle of the sword in his mouth. He gets a GRIP on some loose bricks just above and the sign and puts his feet on top of it. He bends his knees and then JUMPS.

Harold is close to the surface and tries to reach for the LEDGE of the exit, but misses and falls back into the sewer, hitting the sign and causing it to fall down in the process.

A MOAN in the distance is heard and out of the shadows, and a HANDFUL OF ZOMBIES come charging at Harold. Harold looks at the sign he just removed and sees that behind the sign, there’s a big hole. Harold shakes his head and moves his sword to a readier position.

As he squints, among the crowd, he notices a zombie that catches his eye. It is a zombie of Troy. Harold’s eyes widen and his sword drops by his side. Harold presses his hands to his temple and looks back at the crowd. The zombie of Troy is gone.

Harold slashes his sword at the two closest zombies’ heads at the same time, making them both go down. He then stabs his sword through the neck of another zombie, and then through the stomach of another.

The zombies begin to surround Harold. One grabs his arm, causing Harold to punch it, which makes it stumble back. Harold dashes for the hole behind the sign and crawls in.

But as he crawls in, one zombie grabs his foot. Harold kicks the zombie’s hand and continues to crawl in.

The zombie that grabbed his foot crawls in after him. Harold continues to SQUIRM down the hole, until he comes to a handful of WOOD that’s nailed from the other side.

Harold squeezes through a crack in the wood. Suddenly, he FALLS down into an opening. One zombie tries to squeeze through the wood as well and gets stuck. It struggles, then backs away and crawls in the opposite direction.

Harold looks around. He’s in a gray, sterile ROOM, filled with boxes. He looks around and sees a door, which he walks toward and enters.

He’s now in a place with many beds and shelves filled with food. It’s filled with people too, who look at him in horror.


Who on earth are you?

PERSON 2 (OS) One of Lloyd’s puppets?

Harold looks around at the people. One man marches through the crowd. It is ABRAM PARK, a pushing-50s man holding a gun.

ABRAM Had it not been for everyone else, I would have thought that I was hallucinating.

HAROLD Who…who are you?

ABRAM That doesn’t matter. What matters is who are you? Be honest, and maybe you’ll walk away.

HAROLD Put down the gun first.

Abram marches toward Harold and hits him in the head with his gun, KNOCKING HIM UNCONSCIOUS.


Troy and Jade walk through the city of Berlin, more wearily than before.

TROY It’s getting dark. Maybe we should find a place to hide for the night.

They both look around at the buildings. Jade points at a FLAT that has cracks, but is overall intact.

JADE That place?

TROY Looks safe. Let’s go.

They turn toward the flat and begin to walk toward it.

JADE Do you have any friends back in your…town?

TROY Why you asking?

JADE I was wondering if there was anyone there you could introduce me to.

TROY Oh. Just Harold.

JADE Harold?

TROY Yes. You?

JADE What?

TROY Do you have any friends?

JADE I used to. Even was engaged with one man.

TROY What was he like?

JADE Wicked flirty. Amazing at piano. Also, was a double agent, like me.

Troy stops walking abruptly. Jade stops to and looks behind at Troy.

JADE What?

TROY Double agent?

JADE Uh, what I meant to…really meant to…say…was…was…

TROY Who did you work for?

JADE I really don’t want to talk about it.

TROY Who did you work for?

JADE What are you talking about?

TROY You said you were a double agent.

JADE When?

TROY Just now. Now spit it out! Who did you work for?


TROY You said you were a German citizen!

JADE I got trapped here under a fake identity after the war ended.  So, yes, I’m a German citizen, officially.

Troy marches over to Jade and clenches his hands into fists.

TROY How do I know you’re not still lying!?!

JADE You don’t.

TROY Fine, but here’s one more question.

JADE Fire away.

TROY Why did you lie to begin with?

JADE I couldn’t fully trust you, so I lied. You may be lying, so I did in exchange. Fair?

TROY Fine!

The two continue walking toward the house, grumbling to themselves as they go.


Troy in the bedroom of the abandoned house they were walking toward, lying on the bed.


Jade lies on the mattress in the attic of the same house. Both Troy and her STARE blankly at the ceiling.

Both of them CLOSE THEIR EYES.


It is day. Troy scrambles out of bed and grabs a can of CANNED MEAT from his backpack. He takes out a handful of it and lifts up his gas mask just a bit to reveal his mouth. He pours a bit of the meat into his mouth tosses the now-empty can into the corner of the room.

Jade marches downstairs, taking food out of a can of her own.

TROY No meat left.

JADE That’s alright, I’m vegetarian.

Troy grabs his backpack and places it on his back.

TROY About last night…

JADE Don’t want to talk about it.

Jade swings her backpack on to her shoulders.

Troy takes off his backpack again and reaches inside it. He takes out a MAP, which he unfolds.

TROY We can make it to the boat by afternoon if we go now. You ready?

JADE I was born ready.


Harold begins to open his eyes. He notices that there is a FACE in front of him. As he opens them further, he sees that the face is that of Abram.

Harold attempts to leap at him, but sees that his hands have been TIED with a rope.

HAROLD What…what is this?

Harold looks behind Abram to see that they are in a public bathroom. Abram turns toward the entrance.

ABRAM He’s awoken.

The door opens and two WOMEN step in. One is holding a crossbow.

HAROLD You going to shoot me?

ABRAM Not yet, but if you play games with me, we’ll bash you. If you continue, yes.

HAROLD Before you start…

ABRAM We have not asked the questions yet. First, what are you doing here?

HAROLD Hiding from corpses.

Abram places his hands on his hips and SCOWLS at him.

ABRAM How did you find us?

HAROLD I didn’t. I…

The woman with the crossbow marches forward and BASHES him in the face with the end of the crossbow, opening a big bruise on his cheek.

WOMAN 2 Remember what he said.

HAROLD I found your hole behind a sign.

Abram glances at the other two women, then back to Harold. He crosses his hands across his chest and furrows his brow.

ABRAM I suppose that makes sense.

HAROLD Good. Can I go now?

ABRAM No. I can’t know if you are working for Lloyd or not. If he finds us, he’ll know we are here and he’ll execute us.

HAROLD Know of what?

Abram’s eyes widen as do the two women, and they all exchange a nervous glance.

ABRAM You don’t-

HAROLD Does it have anything to do with bombs or explosives?

Abram takes a deep breath.

ABRAM Here it goes. Don’t interrupt me.

Harold sits intently, a bit of blood drooling out of his mouth.

ABRAM We are a group of former politicians who were let on a plan by Lloyd. This plan was to drive a boat filled with bombs into Japan in order to start a war. We couldn’t stand that, so we escaped under here a few months back.

HAROLD How on earth is that going to get anything done?

ABRAM Lloyd said it would ensure the virus couldn’t spread anymore because there were so few hosts left, and the humans would rise out of the ashes and start something new.

Harold’s eyes begin to water, and a tear goes down his cheek.

ABRAM I’m sorry you have to hear this, but…

HAROLD It’s not that.


The room is overall empty, except for a few paintings and some bright-colored chairs. Harold sits in the chair opposite of Lloyd.

HAROLD Neat-o room.

LLOYD Thanks. It’s designed to ensure that the patient, who is you, is in a favorable environment to ensure these sessions work as well as they can.


Silence fills the room. It goes on and on and on and on and…

LLOYD So, I am informed that ever since the end of the war, you have been hallucinating.

HAROLD Yeah. First I thought it was just a one-time event, but it is now regular.

LLOYD And what do you see?

HAROLD I see…bugs. Gigantic ones.

Lloyd grabs a notebook and pen from the nightstand next to his chair and writes something on it.

LLOYD Insects. Do you hear anything?

HAROLD Yes. Voices.

LLOYD Saying what?

HAROLD That I’m totally worthless and a murderer.

LLOYD Do you ever get…command hallucinations?


LLOYD Voices telling you to do things. If so, then we’re are almost certainly dealing with a standard case of schizophrenia.


Troy and Jade walk through the streets, backpacks on their backs and weapons by their sides.

JADE How much longer?

TROY Should be 30 minutes.

Troy stops walking.

TROY Stop walking.

Jade stops and looks back at Troy.

JADE What?

TROY My leg’s itchy.

Troy pulls up his pant leg and sees a dead RAT under it. He brushes it off in disgust.

TROY We can go now.

Jade’s eyes widen.

Jade dashes toward a small tree and climbs it. She stands on the top.

JADE Get on something!

Jade points back the way the two came. Troy turns that way and sees a CROWD OF RAT ZOMBIES dashing toward them.

Troy flips around and looks around the area frantically. He sets his eyes on a large TRASH CAN and gets on it.

The rats rush by both of them, moaning deep moans as they go.

TROY But the Spanish Flu doesn’t infect rats.

JADE This third strain does.

The two sit silently on their spots.

TROY How long does this crowd go on for?

JADE Wicked long.

Suddenly, Troy’s trash bin begins to shake back and forth. A STREAM OF RATS pour of the bin, knocking the lid and Troy off.

Troy gets up and tries to run to the tree Jade is on, but rats begin to crawl up his thighs. Troy brushes them off.

Troy begins to run and bit faster, continuing to brush off rats that crawl onto his legs.

Finally, he gets to the tree and climbs it quickly. Jade helps him onto the tree.


TROY I’m fine.

The rat crowd passes by Troy and Jade, squeaking the whole way. It soon is gone.

The two begin to climb down from the tree.

TROY Where did you learn about those things?

JADE In the cellar. They found me here and there.

The two are now on the ground and continue walking.

TROY Why did I never see them?

JADE They rot away fast and they sleep most of the time.

TROY Why is that?

JADE I never asked.


Harold has been freed and the two women are gone.

ABRAM You’re saying he was your therapist?

Harold nods. They both exit the bathroom.

When they exit, they are in a room with shelves on the walls holding food and meds and beds everywhere. Adults everywhere turn to Abram and Harold in shock.

ABRAM And now, everyone, I’m making the decision to help Harold find his way to the surface.

HAROLD Thank you for…

ABRAM On the condition that he will be unarmed until I get him to where he needs to go.

Harold’s mouth drops open and he turns to ABRAM.

HAROLD But you didn’t say…

ABRAM I can’t take my chances.

HAROLD I’ll be defenseless. How can I…

ABRAM I’ll give you your sword once we get above ground.

HAROLD Fine. You’re the boss.

Abram points toward a DOOR at the end of the room and they walk toward it. An ADULT MALE dashes up to them.

ADULT MALE Wait! Take this!

The male holds up a large sphere with a button on the top.

HAROLD What’s that?

Abram ignores him and points toward the door again. Harold groans and they continue to walk toward it.


Troy and Jade are still walking. They are now in a foggy clearing in the middle of nowhere.

TROY We’re here!

Jade leans forward and squints a bit.

JADE What’s there?

Troy begins to RUN.

TROY Come on! This is it!

Jade hurries after Troy.

JADE But what is it?

Troy and Jade run toward a small car.

TROY Chuck! I’m back!

Troy and Jade reach the car, Troy peers inside, then looks back at Jade.

TROY Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no!

JADE What’s wrong?

TROY The driver’s gone! Chuck’s gone!

JADE Who’s he?

Troy begins to pace back and forth furiously.

TROY He was going to drive- drive us-on-on his boat-to USA! And-and now he’s gone!

JADE So, we’re stuck?

TROY Yes! Stuck!

Troy grabs out his knife and raises his hand to slash at the car, but Jade forces his hand back.

JADE Wait! I can drive!

TROY A boat?

Troy puts his hand holding the knife to his side and Jade steps back.

JADE No, but I can get us there.

TROY So? We’re still stranded!

Jade turns her head to one side, squinting.

JADE We could try.

TROY We’d die.

JADE Maybe we’ll be OK. Either way, I’d rather die at sea than here.

Troy looks around the EMPTY SPACE. He then turns back toward Jade.

TROY Fine, let’s go.


Harold and Abram are walking through the sewers. DRIPPING of water is heard nearby.

HAROLD I’ll ask one more time. What’s the circle thing for?

Abram grunts as they continue walking.

HAROLD Fine. Your choice.

Suddenly, a pair of ZOMBIES step out of the shadows, arms extended and moaning.

HAROLD Can I have a weapon now?

Abram holds up the sphere and presses the button on it. It emits a loud high-pitched TONE. The two zombies shriek in horror and run into the shadows. Their shrieks become silent, and then they are gone.

HAROLD Neat-o. How does it work?

ABRAM It creates high frequencies that hurts the corpses’ hearing, since the tones their ears can tolerate are lower than ours.

HAROLD Who invented it?

The two continue walking.

HAROLD Seriously, who?



The two come toward a place where the halls split. Abram stops walking.


Harold stops walking as well. Abram points to the hall leading to the left.

ABRAM It’s this way.

HAROLD What would have happened if you told me about the…circle thingy?

ABRAM I don’t know. I can’t fully trust you.

HAROLD Maybe you should. I’m your chance to come out of hiding.

ABRAM I don’t know that and I’m not that desperate. I can take care of myself.

HAROLD When did I say that?

ABRAM When you suggested I would quickly trust a man who claims he can save humanity from itself.

HAROLD Not itself. From…

ABRAM Don’t say his name!

Abram runs to the wall and kicks it hard. The resulting cracking in the wall echoes through space for a moment.

HAROLD Stop this!

ABRAM He kidnapped my son!

HAROLD I lost I lot of friends when I was a booter in the army.

Abram turns toward Harold, gritting his teeth.

ABRAM Have you ever been blackmailed?


ABRAM I was. I was told by Lloyd that if I didn’t make everyone who knew of the plan and hated it disappear somehow, he would kill him!

HAROLD I’m sorry. What was his name?

ABRAM B-Buster. Buster Park.


Jade is driving the car. Troy is sitting in the back seat. Both of them are looking ahead in determination.

JADE Troy?


JADE Can I tell you something?

Troy nods.

JADE I’d like to-really like to-to say that-I-I-I…

TROY You’d like to say?

Jade sniffles a bit.

JADE Never mind.

TROY Alright.

JADE OK. Remember when I said my old self was stupid?


JADE I didn’t mean it. I just, never wanted to accept that I was upset over Jimi’s death.

TROY Jimi?

JADE He was who I was with before the flu started.

TROY You said he was a double agent?

JADE Yes. He was the balls at it, like me.

TROY I can relate. When I was a joe, I had a friend.

JADE What happened?

TROY K.I.A by tear gas. Even with Harold around, I never been as…emotional as before.

JADE Sounds painful.

TROY It is. And I thought beating my face in training was hell.

We see the car’s tire ROLL OVER a decapitated zombie head. The head bites the wheel, making the tire bust and the car roll over into a nearby house.

TROY Look out!

The car stops when it is halfway through the house’s wall. The two are EJECTED from the car and knocked UNCONSCIOUS.


Harold is standing next to Abram, who is helping him force open an entrance to the surface.

ABRAM Three…two…one…now!

Harold and Abram push the entrance open. Wind runs through the large opening. Harold turns back toward Abram.

HAROLD This is where we part?

Abram nods. He reaches into his belt and pulls out the sword that Harold had. He hands it to him.

HAROLD Thanks…for everything.

ABRAM You’re welcome. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Harold nods and he begins to walk toward the surface. Abram walks away.


Abram is walking down the dark halls. He hears a SQUEAK from somewhere.

Abram leans down and lifts his pant leg to scratch it. Underneath, he finds a RAT, which he pulls off and throws away in disgust.

ABRAM Better remember to use some alcohol before I eat.

A squeak rings through the halls again. Abram flips toward a sewer pipe that is hanging from the ceiling.

Suddenly, a CROWD OF RATS pour out of the pipe. They sniff for a moment, then dash toward Abram, who tries to run away.

The rats jump on his back and knock him to the ground. They begin to EAT AWAY at his clothes and then at the flesh on his back.

ABRAM Help me! Someone, help!


Harold is marching down the road, standing firm and strong, his brow furrowed. Behind him is the entrance he came out of.

The crowd of rats from before pour out of the entrance. Harold turns around as his eyes widen at the sight.

He begins to dash away. The rats get closer and closer. Harold begins to pant heavily.

He turns to the right to see the BUILDING labeled “Hideout Police Department.” He backs up a few steps, then bursts inside.

There are many people gathered in the room, walking about their business. They turn in shock to see Harold.

HAROLD Rats! Rats!

Everyone looks in confusion at Harold, who shoves through the crowd and begins to run up the stairs.

HAROLD Run! Run!

Through the open door, the rats dash in, climbing onto the people and eating them, causing them to scream in agony. Some manage to run away, following Harold up the stairs.

Harold reaches the top of the stairs and dashes down the hall. He runs into the door that’s labeled with his name on it.

After getting into his workspace, he runs toward a door at the end of the room, onto a porch. He stops and looks back. He doesn’t see anything, but hears rats SQUEAKING.

He flips back toward his porch and notices a LAMPPOST behind the roof of another building. Harold climbs onto the fence of the porch, takes a deep breath, and then jumps.

He lands in mid-air, with his hands hanging on the lamppost. He looks down and notices rats running around and people being chased by them.

Harold looks back at the ROOF and jumps again.

Harold’s hands get a grip on the roof. He swings his right leg onto the roof, and lifts his whole body onto it. He rolls over onto his back, sweating profusely.


A GUARD in his late-30s slams open the doors and marches straight to Lloyd. Lloyd is sleeping at his desk, a bird in a cage by his head.

The guard shakes Lloyd on the shoulder.

GUARD Get up! We have trouble!

Lloyd stirs and leans up slowly.

LLOYD Why have you entered? Has something of consequence occurred?

GUARD Yes. The flu has mutated somehow, and is now infecting rats.

LLOYD Are they inside this town as we speak?

GUARD Yes! And they are eating any human they come across!

Lloyd turns around to face his wall. He squints and turns back, looking down over everything on his desk, from left to right. He then looks back at the guard.

LLOYD Send an armed military squad to vanquish them.

GUARD Why not just unleash the tear gas?

LLOYD And threaten the very lives of our establishment?

GUARD Remember your plan? They’re going to die anyway.

LLOYD Only most of them. A few will carry forward humanity, and I cannot do anything that could destroy the efficiency of this plan. Understand?

The guard is alarmed by his stern tone and steps back a few steps.

LLOYD Understood?

GUARD Yes. I’ll spread the word to the armory.

The guard turns around and runs out, slamming the doors behind him as he goes.

Lloyd smiles and sits down. He opens the bird cage and a BIRD flies out onto the desk. Lloyd strokes its feathers.

LLOYD Don’t worry, little Davey, You can go now.

Lloyd picks up the bird on his finger and lifts it up into the air. He stands up and walks over to the window behind him and opens it. He holds the finger with the bird on it out.

LLOYD You can go now. You’re safer out there than you are down here, Davey.


Harold is lying on the roof, eyes shut. Meanwhile, on the streets below, a GROUP OF MILITARY INFANTRY march through the rat-filled streets. They shoot and stomp on many of them.

Suddenly, Harold’s eyes shoot open. He gets up and looks down at the infantry. He looks to his right and sees LLOYD’S HOUSE in the distance.

Harold reaches into his belt and pulls out his SWORD. He grips it tightly and furrows his brow at Lloyd’s house.

He walks toward the edge of the roof that’s pointing toward the house. Looking forward, he notices the ROOF of another house. He backs up a few steps, runs right for the edge, and jumps.

He lands on the roof, but with his feet pointing off. He scoots feet on and gets up. He then looks at the next house, runs toward the edge closest to it, and jumps.


Harold lands on another house’s roof and gets up. He brushes his pants as he does so. He looks back at the houses he’s previously jumped.

HAROLD What do you know? I’m the boss of this!

Harold looks down, and sees that he’s on top of Lloyd’s house. Harold walks toward one of edge of the building.

He places his feet on two loose bricks and his hands on the edge of the roof. He climbs down until he’s next to a window. He PEEKS in it and finds Lloyd sitting at his desk.

Harold leaps from where he is onto the window still and jumps into the building. He dashes toward Lloyd, raising his sword.

Harold pins Lloyd on his desk, holding his sword inches from his throat.


LLOYD Calm down, my friend. Contemplate what you are doing for a moment, and we can have a peaceful conversation.

HAROLD You are going to start a war!

LLOYD I would never commit an act like that.

HAROLD Then what is bombing an innocent, foreign country called, huh?

LLOYD A last resort for humanity.

HAROLD Regardless of what you call it, you betrayed me! First you made this stupid plan, then you got me convicted of a crime I never did!

LLOYD I was going to visit you to explain that I would clear you in the end. It was just that you were interfering with my plan.

HAROLD I don’t care! You’re a murderer! I’m going to kill you, and end this!

Harold raises his sword and is about to strike, when a strike from the back hits Harold in the head, knocking him unconscious.

The strike was delivered by the guard, who puts down the shotgun he used and helps Lloyd up from the desk.

GUARD Should we kill him?

LLOYD No! We will have him installed in the secret prison. His sentence will last until the plan works.

GUARD Sure thing.


Harold’s eyes slowly open. As they do, he notices that he’s seeing nothing but white.

He extends his hand, which bumps into a surface. He tries to get up, but that same surface is restricting him. He looks around, but still finds nothing but white.

A small hole in the wall opens and a few peppers fall through. Harold reaches over and picks them up. He then throws them away in disgust.

Harold draws back his arm, turns his hand into his fist and punches the surface, making a small dent. An ALARM rings out. Harold stops in shock for a moment, then punches the surface again and again and…

A hole in the surface busts open. Harold leans up and jumps through the hole. He’s now in a large, empty room, except for a set of stairs at the bottom of which is a DOOR.

Harold dashes for the door, but 2 prison guards come through with guns. Harold stops and puts his hands in the air.


Harold looks back at what he escaped from, which is just a WHITE COFFIN.


Harold is in the coffin again. This time, there is a chain attaching his arm to the wall.

HAROLD (Under his breath) Epic fail, Harold.

Harold looks at the white ceiling blankly.

Harold begins to shake back and forth violently. Outside, the coffin he’s in begins to shake accordingly. He shakes it toward the stairs, and then nudges it down them.

The coffin hits the ground and a DENT appears in it. The alarm rings out again. Harold notices that the restraints on his arm has broken from the fall and gets up. He looks at the door in the corner and enters it.

Harold is now in the hallway of the prison from earlier. Two guards are at the entrance, holding batons. Harold tries to dash through both of them, but is caught. He grabs both of theirs heads and bashes them together, knocking them unconscious.

Harold runs down the hall again, up the stairs, and onto the streets.

On the streets, there are almost no people. Harold looks around at the buildings, then his eyes suddenly widen. He runs down the street.


Harold dashes toward a building. He stops and looks up at the WRITING on it, which reads “Radio Station.” He runs inside.

Inside, he’s in a place with what appears to be several boxes with buttons on them. A RADIO STATION MAN in front of one of these boxes looks at Harold in shock.

Harold marches up to him and points at the box.

HAROLD I need some help.

RADIO STATION MAN You’re…you’re that guy who tried to kill Lloyd!

HAROLD I didn’t. I need you to send a message to every radio in this town!

The TV station man stands up firmly.

RADIO STATION MAN I’m not working for a killer!

Harold grabs the collar of the man’s shirt and holds it tightly.

HAROLD Just do it!

The man sits down and turns toward the box.

RADIO STATION MAN I can’t. Most of the radios here got damaged by the rats!

Harold turns around and stares at the ceiling, squinting. He then turns back toward the man.

HAROLD Could you send it to Troy? He’s in Berlin.

RADIO STATION MAN The signal would be very weak, and it would take some hours, but I can try.


Troy eyes flutter open. Surrounding him is WRECKAGE OF THE CAR. He gets up and looks over at Jade, who is still lying in the center of a pile of glass shards.

Troy runs over to Jade and picks her up. He looks in front of him and notices that in front of him is a HOUSE with a large hole from the accident in it.

Troy, carrying Jade, walks through the hole into the house. When he’s inside, he’s in a room with a radio in the corner and furniture in front of it. He walks to one chair and sets Jade on it.

He then goes to the RADIO and turns a dial on it. Soft music begins to play. Troy goes to one of the chairs and sits down.


Harold is sitting next to the radio station man, who is pressing many buttons on the boxes.

HAROLD How much longer?

RADIO STATION MAN The message should be playing in all radios in Berlin just about now.

The entrance bursts open and two armed soldiers come in. They are accompanied by Lloyd Mardox.

LLOYD I’m sorry, but you have been decreasing the chance of this plan working significantly in the last few days. Therefore, I had to pull a handful strings to execute you.

Lloyd looks over at Harold and the radio station man.

LLOYD What have you attempted?

HAROLD Troy will be back here before you know it.

Lloyd turns toward one of his soldiers.

LLOYD Send a large number of soldiers to the border. Vanquish Troy and anyone who comes with him on sight.


Troy is silently eating out of a can of carrots. Jade is sitting on the chair opposite of him. She stirs slightly, then opens her eyes.

JADE What happened?

TROY We hit a dead guy. The car crashed.

Silence fills the room for a moment.

Suddenly, the music stops, and is replaced by static, then…

HAROLD (Recording over radio, through thick static) Buddy! This is Harold! Get your butt to The Hideout and stop Lloyd! He’s going to launch a bunch of bombs on Japan to start a war!

The static replaces the speech, then the soft music comes back. Both Troy’s and Jade’s eyes widen as the music resumes.

TROY We…we need to get back.

Jade nods and gets up from her chair. The two dash toward the hole in the house and go through it. They then turn toward the car, which has a squished hood.

Jade walks toward the back of the car and puts her hands on it.

JADE Help me pull this, Troy.

Troy nods and goes to the back of the car as well. The two pull it out and turn it the way the car was going. Jade gets into the front seat and Troy into the back and they begin to drive.


Jade and Troy are still driving. Troy raises his hand.

TROY Stop. This is it.

Jade stops the car. She notices a dock. It is empty, except for a large wooden ROW BOAT with 2 oars on it.

The two get out of the car and run onto the boat. They sit down on it and picks up the oars.

JADE You don’t know how to row this?

TROY No. I was a joe, not a navy.

JADE You should have learned. Any skill could save you out there.

TROY Says the person who was a double agent, not a joe. Anyway, can you show me how to row?

JADE Ya huh. Just push the water behind you.

Jade picks up the oar in front of her and pushes the water behind her with it.

JADE Just like me, OK?

Troy copies Jade’s motion with his oars. He continues to do so and Jade does so as well, causing the boat to move out to sea.


It is night. The row boat is moving steadily across the water. Both Jade and Troy are asleep. The boat is now in the middle of the ocean.


It is day again. Jade and Troy are awake and rowing.


Jade and Troy are still rowing. It is night now, and the WAVES are much larger than before.

Suddenly, a MONSTER WAVE forms in the distance behind the boat, but Troy and Jade are looking in the opposite direction. The wave creeps closer and closer, getting bigger and bigger.

When the monster wave reaches them, it picks up their boat, lifting it into the air and tossing Troy and Jade out of it, who scream in horror.

The wave pushes both of them forward and pulls them underwater, as both of them struggle to swim. Soon, they are both pulled underwater and knocked out.


Troy is lying on the edge of a sandbar next to Jade. Both have everything below the knees submerged under water.

Jade opens her eyes and gets up, scraping sand off her pants. She looks around at the sandbar she’s on, and notices a TENT.

She looks over at Troy and pulls him more inland. She then feels her back and takes off her backpack. She unzips it and takes out her bow and quiver.

Holding her bow at a ready position, she creeps toward the tent. When she’s next to its entrance, she opens it slowly.

Inside, she sees a STARVING MAN who has no shirt, torn pants, a long beard that reaches his chest, and a caved-in stomach. Jade creeps into the tent, toward the man.

Abruptly, his eyes snap open and he stands up as Jade jumps back. The man grins, revealing yellow, rotting teeth.


Jade begins to back away.

JADE H…hi?

STARVING MAN Yes! I knew the waiters would finally come! They make the best meals ever, but they take so long.

The starving man grabs an axe from behind where he was sleeping. He waves it above his head as Jade stares at him steadily, still backing away.

STARVING MAN Dinner time!

The starving man runs at Jade with the axe, chasing her out of the tent. They run around the sandbar as Jade grabs an arrow from her quiver. She aims it at the man behind her as he chases her, then fires.

The arrow hits the man in the eye. He stops running, drops his axe, and yanks the arrow out, before collapsing on the ground.

Jade looks back at the tent as she puts her bow in her backpack, and sees that Troy is walking toward it.

TROY What happened?

JADE This mad man came at me with an axe.

Troy leans into the tent as Jade walks over to him.

TROY You need to see this. Look at all this alcohol.

Jade, who is now next to Troy, leans into the tent as well. She sees that surrounding the place where the man was is a pile of smashes bottles of ALCOHOL. Troy picks up one of the pills.

JADE What are those?

TROY Beer bottles.

JADE But that doesn’t make you that…way, does it?

TROY What was he like?

JADE What do you mean?

TROY I mean, what was his “way?”

JADE He looked like he spent 50 years bagged at some prison of war camp.

TROY So, he was starving and sick?

JADE More than that. He said I was his meal.

TROY Fuck. What makes a person that crazy?

Jade leans forward further and notices that in the opposite corner of the tent, there’s a BOOK with hand-drawn text that says “My Life on the Sandbar,” along with a pen just next to it.

Jade picks up the book and opens it. She flips through the pages. She stops on one page toward the start. Troy leans toward the book.

STARVING MAN (VO) Dear diary. I live on the sandbar now, since I’m the only one who lives here, except Sully, and dogs generally aren’t kings of anything.

Jade and Troy exchange a glance, their eyes wide with curiosity. They retreat back to the book and continue reading.

STARVING MAN (VO) Ever since we learned about Lloyd’s plan, I lost my last bit of faith in humanity. Some people are planning a bunker in the sewers, thinking they’ll be safe, but I know better. On this sandbar, no one will find me. No one!

Jade and Troy look at each other again.

JADE He knew of the plan? Why didn’t…

TROY Maybe they were threatened, or blackmailed into not telling.

Troy points at the back of the book.

TROY Try the last part.

Jade turns toward the last page in the book. She raises her eyebrows in confusion.

JADE It’s just gibberish.

TROY Oh, what a surprise.

JADE Wait! I can make out the word hungry here and there.

TROY Did he have a flat belly?

JADE No, it was caved-in.

TROY That explains his insanity.

Jade tosses down the book and they both exit the tent. When they are outside, they look around.

TROY Look!

Troy points at one side of the sandbar, which has the wreckage of a BOAT on it.

JADE No suh. That’s not getting us anywhere. Unless you’re suicidal.

TROY Well, it was worth a try. You have ideas?

JADE We could repair the ship.

TROY Except that it’s in pieces.

JADE You were the one who said we should use the boat as it is.

TROY It was stupid wishful thinking.

Troy stomps and walks toward edge of the sandbar. Suddenly, Troy’s eyes widen and he turns back toward Jade.

TROY Wait! That’s it!

JADE What?

TROY We’ve been on the ocean just 6 days before we crashed. We just need something that floats we can use for a support and then it’ll take just a few hours to get back. Want to try it?

Jade smiles.

JADE Ya huh. Let’s do it.


The room is white, except for a chair in the center, which Harold is tied to, and a shelf filled with bloodstained knives. An EXECUTIONER is sitting in the corner, tapping his foot impatiently.

HAROLD Can’t we just get this over with? It’s been almost a week!

EXECUTIONER We’re going to have to wait until the injections are shipped.

Harold grumbles to himself.


Troy and Jade are holding onto a piece of wood, kicking the water behind them.

JADE About what the crazy man said, are you like him?

TROY We both been through a lot.

JADE But have you lost faith in humanity?

TROY Certainly. I don’t think we’ll survive much longer.

JADE But do you think we deserve this?

TROY Before this started, no. After seeing what some of us are able to do and see as right, yes.


The sun is setting. Troy and Jade are still holding the piece of wood, paddling through the water, albeit more wearily than before.

The SILHOUTTE of a building emerges from the horizon.

JADE Is this it?

TROY Yes…but don’t cheer yet. We still have work to do.

JADE No suh. Why can’t I celebrate seeing land again?

TROY Fine. Your call.

Jade waves one of her arms in the air as they continue to paddle toward the silhouette. As they get closer, they start seeing more building silhouettes.

JADE Ya huh! We did it! We did it! We did…

A GUNSHOT from somewhere causes them both to flinch. Troy and Jade look at each other.

TROY Duck!

They both hold their breath then dive underwater. The ocean surface RIPPLES in two separate places as two more gunshots ring out.

Troy and Jade, who have left behind the piece of wood, swim forward, as more and more gunshots ring out and ripple the water.

Troy struggles to keep up with Jade, who points toward something in the distance. Troy shakes his head. Jade then points up. The two rise to the surface.

JADE There’s land that way!


A gunshot hits the water just next to them. In response, the two go back under and swim in the direction Jade pointed in.

As they get closer, Troy notices the edge of land and begins to swim a bit faster. Jade hits the land just before Troy does. They then swim up and reach the surface.

They climb onto the land, which appears to be a beach. In front of them are gigantic WOOD WALLS, which are crumbling.

Another gunshot rings out, alarming the two.

SOLDIER (OS) They’re over here! Shoot them!

Troy and Jade look around and see a run-down CABIN nearby by. As more gunshots are heard, they dash toward it and into it, shutting the door behind them.

When they are inside they breathe heavily and look around at the cabin interior. They see an assortment of toy sea creatures on shelves.

TROY What is this place?

Troy and Jade back up and look at the SIGN above the door.

JADE “The Beachy Gift Shop?”

Bullets penetrate the wall, causing the two to flee and under some of the shelves.


FEET wearing military boots march across the beach. They move toward the door of the gift shop and open the door.

Troy and Jade flip their heads toward the door as it opens. The owner of the feet steps into the shop. It is a SOLDIER, who has sweat pouring down his face.

Troy gets up and runs toward the soldier, who is loading his gun. Just before he fires, Troy grabs it and, twisting the soldier’s wrist violently, grabs it away.

Troy and soldier exchange a series of punches, until Troy grabs the enemy’s neck and, holding it tightly, bangs his head against the wall repeatedly, until he fall unconscious.

Jade walks out form her hiding spot onto the scene as Troy breathes heavily.

TROY That…was…brutal.

The soldier wakes up and grabs Troy’s leg, causing him to fall. The two punch each other again and again, as the soldier makes his way on top of Troy, trying to strangle him.

Suddenly, an arrow hits the soldier straight in the head, knocking him dead. Troy tosses the soldier aside and gets up.

TROY Th…thanks. You’re a good shooter.

JADE And your fighting was the balls.

The door behind Troy bursts open and several MORE SOLDIERS come in, wielding guns. Troy and Jade dash to hide behind the check-out counter.

One soldier, clearly a GENERAL, walks to the front of the crowd of soldiers.


All the soldiers, the general included, take out their guns and begin shooting at the check-out counter.

Finally, the shooting stops.

SOLDIER 2 (OS) Out of bullets, sir.

GENERAL Surround them! Be sure they both lie dead!

The soldiers move in toward Jade and Troy, holding their guns like swords.

JADE This should be wicked fun.

TROY How the hell can you say that?

Jade leans out from the check-out counter and shoots an arrow into one soldier. Troy leans up punches the soldier around him one by one. Jade runs to the back of the room and continues firing arrows at the soldiers from there.

Troy continues to dodge the hits from the soldiers and punch them in return as they swarm around him. Troy then grabs one and spins him around the room, knocking down several soldiers in the process.

Jade continues shooting arrows, and with each one, another soldier goes down. Soon, the room is filled with no conscious people, except for Troy and Jade.

Troy, who has sweat beating down his face, and Jade, who is breathing heavily, walk out of the door in silence and look up the at the wall in front of them.

JADE Do they have to build it wicked high?

TROY Better than having to send more soldiers out here to get K.I.A or M.I.A.

Troy and Jade walk toward the wall cautiously.

JADE How did you get out?

TROY I went through a door.

JADE On which part of the wall?

TROY Doesn’t matter. It’s locked from the other side.

Troy and Jade walk closer to the wall. Jade pulls one of the pieces of wood off.

JADE They are loose.

TROY Wait! That gives me an idea!

Troy places one of his feet onto a hole in between two cracks and begins to climb. Jade looks at him in astonishment for a moment, then follows him.

They climb the large wall, bits of wood falling behind them as they do so.

TROY Where did you learn to swim so well?

JADE 10th grade. I was wicked good on the swim team.

Soon, they are at the top. They look down at the hideout, which has no people on the streets. All the windows have shut curtains and some are boarded up.

TROY Boston, Massachusetts.

JADE Certainly looks worse than how I remembered.

TROY You came from here?

JADE Ya huh.

Troy and Jade jump off the top of the wall and land on a building nearby. They then run toward the edge of that building and jump onto the next one. And then they repeat what they with the next one. And again, and again, and…

They land on the roof of one building, which crumbles under their weight. [LT40] They fall and land in an empty room that looks like a kitchenette in a bedroom. They get up and observe their surroundings.

TROY How did that break?

JADE Must have been an old building or something.

The door in the corner bursts open and a YOUNG MAN comes in, with snot dripping down his nose.

YOUNG MAN I’m going to turn! Kill me!

TROY Stand back! We’ll get infected!

YOUNG MAN I can’t! I’m hungry!

Jade takes out her bow and loads an arrow into it. She aims it at the man.

JADE He said stand back!

The man flinches and he shakily backs away. He looks straight at Jade, revealing his eyes, which each have bright red sclera, like the zombies.

Jade pulls back the arrow and shoots it between the man’s 2 eyes. He falls down dead at Jade’s feet.

TROY Jade! Look at what you’ve done!

JADE He was going to turn!

TROY Couldn’t have given him a warning first, huh?

Troy and Jade locks eyes and star at each other coldly.

TROY Fine. I’ll get the body out of here.

Troy picks up the dead body and moves it to behind the door, before shutting it.

JADE I can’t stand this place any longer. Feels like I’m down cellar again. Let’s go.

Troy and Jade turn around and begin to walk toward the window. Troy’s eyes dart over the sink in the kitchenette. He stops walking.

TROY Wait!

Jade stops walking and looks back at Troy.

JADE What?

Troy walks over to the kitchen sink. He reaches into it and pulls out a gun. He opens the barrel and sees it is fully loaded. Satisfied, he closes it again.

TROY This should help.

Troy places the gun into his side pocket and follows Jade as she climbs out of the window and onto what’s left of the roof.

When they are both on top, they walk slowly over to the edge pointing toward the next building. Troy points in the direction their going in.

TROY See that building over there? That’s where Lloyd’s bunk is.

JADE OK. Looks wicked far, though.

TROY It’s pretty close, as we always had to keep The Hideout population small, and so the land we have is small too.


Harold is sleeping in the execution room, a bit of drool seeping from his mouth.

The executioner pokes him, causing Harold to wake up.

EXECUTIONER It’s your lucky hour. The injections are here.

HAROLD Great. Could you just wipe the drool off my face first?


HAROLD But it’s my death wish. Please?

EXECUTIONER Fine! But that’s your last wish. Now where’s the napkins?

The executioner turns around to a shelf behind him and begins searching in various boxes.

Harold begins to use his arms, which are tied to the arms of the chair, to push his body somewhat off the ground. He leans down and uses his mouth to unbutton his pants, which slide down.

The pants fall right into the middle of the floor, leaving Harold in his underwear.

HAROLD Nah, I can manage.

EXECUTIONER I must say, you are more compliant than the other prisoners.

HAROLD Well, sometimes, when it’s totally over, you have to just go with the flow.

The executioner gets up, and then sees that Harold has no pants on. He walks toward him cautiously.

EXECUTIONER What happened to your…

The executioner slips on the pants and falls, banging his head on the shelf in the process. He drops the tool box he was holding, which splits open, revealing several cutting tools.

HAROLD Jackpot!

Harold moves his foot forward. He pulls a SAW in the box toward him using it. He then places it between his feet and rolls it up till it is at his waist. He then leans down and grabs it with his teeth.

He aims the saw in his teeth at his restraints and begins to saw away at the shackle on his hand, until it is free. Satisfied, he uses that hand to saw at the other shackle.

Harold gets out of the chair and leans down at the executioner’s unconscious body. He then goes to the shelf and notices a long AXE with a sign above it that reads “For Emergencies Only.” Harold grabs the axe.

HAROLD I assume this counts as one, right sign?

Harold marches to a door at the end of the room and slams it open. He’s now in a grey, empty hallway. Two guards are at the door and before Harold can react, knock him to the floor.

The two guards kick and hit him with their batons a few times, before Harold gets up and slashes at the throat of one guard, opening a slit in his throat, causing him to fall down.

The other guard and Harold exchange a series of slashes with baton and axe, before Harold slashes at the guard’s throat too, causing him to choke and fall down dead.

Harold walks away, sweating pouring down his face and blood from the fight dripping from his forehead.

He marches down the halls, until he sees a door. He walks through it.

When he enters, he’s in the blank white room he was in earlier.


Harold dashes out of the prison building and across the street. As he does so, two guards come out as well, dashing after him.

Harold runs toward one building, and using the windows as a grip, begins to climb. The guards attempt to climb after him, but he kicks the nearest one to the ground.

Harold reaches the top. He collapses to the ground, looking as though he’s about to drown in his sweat. His arm dangles off the edge of the building.

GRUFF VOICE (VO) Stop fighting! You can’t do it! Stupid!

A guard, who has climbed after him, begins to tug on his arm. Harold pulls it back, and the guard gets onto the roof. Harold gets up and picks up his axe as well.

He charges straight at the guard and hits him in the stomach, causing him to fall off onto the ground. Harold stares down at both of the guards’ bodies.

Suddenly, someone knocks him to the ground. Harold shoves him or her off and gets up, raising his axe. When he looks down at who lands on top of him, he sees its Troy.

HAROLD Buddy! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t…thought…you…just…I…

Troy gets back up.

TROY Hello, Harold. Nice to see you too.

Troy, who is now standing in front of him, looks down at the axe he’s holding, which is covered in blood.

TROY What happened?

HAROLD I got arrested, was sentenced to death, and escaped.

TROY What for?

HAROLD For interfering with Lloyd’s evil plans.

Jade lands on the building, just behind Troy. Harold leans forward to observe her.

HAROLD I see you brought a guest.

JADE Hello.

TROY Harold, this is Jade. I found her in Berlin.

HAROLD Hello, Jade. Totally neat-o to meet you.

Harold turns back toward Troy.

HAROLD But never mind that. We have work to do.

JADE We’ll talk while we walk.

The trio begin to walk toward the edge of the next building.

TROY Look. If you don’t want to follow us, you don’t have to. This could turn into a bag of dicks for all we know.

HAROLD No way, buddy. I’m going.

The trio all back up from the edge, run toward it and jump, landing on the next building.

TROY Feels like 1916 again.

HAROLD No. We weren’t buddies until we left the army.

JADE Harold?


JADE What happened you your pants?

HAROLD I had to…sacrifice them.


Harold and Troy walk through the park, surrounded by laughing children. Harold carries a SCOOTER.

HAROLD You wanna try it?

TROY No thanks. You go first.

HAROLD Suit yourself, buddy.

Harold gets on the scooter. He propels himself forward and maintains his balance. He bends his knees, then jumps, bringing the scooter up with him. He lands and gets off.

TROY Good job, Harold. Good job.

Troy walks over to Harold, clapping his hands slowly.

HAROLD Thanks. You sure you don’t wanna give it a spin?

TROY I’m OK. Plus, I love boxing.

HAROLD Then why not we play scooter-boxing?

TROY Scooter what?

HAROLD I ride this scooter and you have to knock me off.

TROY Hmmmm. Why not?

Harold gets on his scooter again and begins to ride past Troy. Just as he passes by, Troy grabs the scooter, causing him to fall off.

HAROLD Good job. You won!

TROY Uh, thanks. Sorry about that.

Harold gets up and they both begin to walk down the road.

TROY About the hallucinations…

HAROLD They’re almost gone. Lloyd’s tactics are neat-o! Too bad he’s leaving soon.


HAROLD He’s going into politics. Thinks he can improve some political stuff.


Jade, Harold, and Troy all walk across a building’s roof. They are on a building just next to the building of Lloyd’s office. They back away from the edge, ready to jump.

HAROLD Troy. You’ve totally changed.

TROY What?

HAROLD You got some of your mood back. How did you do that?

TROY Oh, I met a friend.

They are all run at the edge at the same time. After jumping, they land on top of Lloyd’s office building.

TROY We’re here. Let’s get in through the windows.

HAROLD No, no. I tried that last time. We’ll get caught.

JADE Well, I don’t want to get bagged. Any other ideas?

TROY We could try the front door.

HAROLD No. Way too many guards.

JADE Is there a sewer? We could sneak through those.

HAROLD Great idea! I know someone who could help.


The trio tiptoe through the sewer.

HAROLD Now, remember guys and girls, dead rats live here.

JADE Ya huh. I met some in Boston when I lived down cellar.

TROY Harold, mind telling me who the hell would live down here?

HAROLD Just follow me, buddy. You’ll find out.

As they walk, they come to the hole in the wall Harold found earlier.

HAROLD Through here.

Harold climbs in squirms in. Troy and Jade exchange a glance, then follow Harold into the hole.


The three are now at the door leading to the bunkers. The door is slightly open.

Harold approaches the door cautiously, then opens it and walks inside.


Harold, holding his nose, continues to walk into the room, Troy and Jade following behind.

HAROLD Oh my god!

JADE Looks terrible.

They all continue to walk inside, pass fresh dead bodies that are filled with small holes.

TROY Looks fucking awful.


The SILHOUTTE of a man with a gun gets up from behind one of the beds.

HAROLD Let’s talk about this!

The man steps out of the shadows. It’s BUSTER PARK, a late-20s man with a cap that reads “Stop Poverty Now.”

TROY Fuck. Look, we don’t want any trouble.

BUSTER You need to leave. We all going to die!

JADE And we’re trying to stop a tool named Lloyd from doing that to us.

BUSTER You know about that jerk? And you going to stop him?

HAROLD Yeah, totally. Just let us go.

Buster throws his gun onto the bed he was hiding behind. The trio turn around and begin to leave. Harold stops and turns around when he’s at the door.

HAROLD Since you seem to hate him, wanna help us?

Buster looks down at the ground, squinting.

BUSTER I hate humans…

Troy stops walking and turns around to look at Harold.

TROY Harold, what are you doing?

BUSTER (CONT’D) …but I hate Lloyd the most.


The four are walking through the sewers, Buster following close behind.

JADE No suh. We can’t trust him.

TROY This crazy, Harold. We’ll get into a bag of dicks with Buster along. He almost shot us!

HAROLD Who can blame him? It’s the apocalypse.

Buster runs to catch up the other three.

BUSTER Let talk about it when it happens. OK?


JADE No suh! He’s not “OK.”

HAROLD Look, Jade. I understand you, but he’s coming.

Jade grumbles and they continue to walk forward in silence.

BUSTER If you can no trust me, let not talk about me.

TROY Harold?

HAROLD Yes, Troy?

TROY Why did we go there?

HAROLD I thought we could get help. The people who live…lived there, they were trying to hide from Lloyd.

JADE We’re here.

The four walk up to a large PIPE that is loose.

BUSTER Persons? Do you think humans will survive this?

HAROLD Totally! They’ve fought a war for crying out loud!

JADE I don’t know.

TROY If we can’t find someone to trust soon, no.

BUSTER OK. I just wondering. You persons ready?

HAROLD Totally! Let’s go.

Troy walks up to the pipe and begins to yank it apart, as he does so, water shoots out of it.

TROY Its out! Three, two, one, go!

The four dash toward the pipe and one by one, climb into it. As they climb up, they notice that the walls of the pipe are littered with dead rats.


A TOILET is in the corner, between the sink and bath. Sounds of metal banging against each other come from the toilet.

JADE (OS) Maybe this was a wicked bad idea.


We’re almost out. Just need to widen this pipe a bit more.

Harold axe peeks out of the toilet, then goes back under.


OK, we’re in!

Harold climbs through the now-widened toilet hole and climbs out, soaking wet.

Jade climbs out after him, also soaking wet.

JADE No suh. We are not doing that again.

Troy climbs out as well.

TROY It smelled like shit in there.

Buster climbs out. He’s securing his hat to his head with one hand.

The four walk to the exit of the bathroom and open the door slightly. They all peek out, and notice some stairs, at the bottom of which are 3 YOUNG GUARDS, sitting on the stairs and laughing.

The four close the door again.

HAROLD We need some sort of distraction.

TROY Agreed.

Buster marches to the door, leans out, and shoots the stairs behind the guard. They all jump and take out their guns.

YOUNG GUARD 1 Who’s there!?!

HAROLD Oh, great. You totally killed us!

BUSTER I gave a distraction. Look!

They all lean out and notice that the guards are running upstairs.

TROY I’ll go.

JADE No, I’ll do it. I’m wicked stealthy and will ensure none of us get bagged.

TROY What will we do?

HAROLD We could distract them further. Take them on while she goes.

BUSTER I vote yes to that. You, Troy?

TROY I’m outvoted, it seems.

Jade nods and opens the door and, crouching, walks past the stairs.


Lloyd is sitting at his desk idly, looking at an empty bird cage. The doors burst open and one of the young guards from before walks in.

YOUNG GUARD 2 Mr. Mardox! We have intruders!

LLOYD Have you identified them?

YOUNG GUARD 2 No, but it could be Buster.

LLOYD This could never be caused by him. When I had him in my custody, I made sure he would never attempt rebellion when I set him free. It is almost certainly Harold. He’s indeed demonstrated exceptional escaping abilities.

Henry Octagon bursts in. He dashes up toward Lloyd and stares him straight in the eyes.

HENRY I received word that…

LLOYD Yes, I am aware of that they are almost certainly back. You can exit now, guard.

The guard nods and exits.

HENRY We could launch the tear gas. It would take a second to flood this building though.

Lloyd looks down, eyebrow furrowed. He looks around the room, then back at Henry.

LLOYD Do it. They can’t reach the docks. I’ll get into the hiding spot once it gets here.

Henry nods and exits the room.


Jade, who is still crouching, tiptoes up the stairs. Soon, she’s at the top.

She peeks through the keyhole in the door at the top. She sees the three guards holding their guns. They go down another set of stairs. Jade sighs in relief and go through the door.


Harold, Troy and Buster stand. Harold holds his axe and the other two hold their guns.

Suddenly, the three guards dash down the stairs.

YOUNG GUARD 3 Here they are!

The guards aim their guns, while Harold, Troy, and Buster each hide behind a pillar.

One guard shoots Troy’s pillar a few times, before he leans out and shoots him in the head, knocking him down dead.

Another guard shoots Buster’s pillar, causing it to crumble and begin to fall on Buster. He pushes it and it falls toward the guard, barely missing him. Buster then shoots him in the head.

The final guard dashes toward the pillar Harold’s behind, only to be grabbed by Harold and be cut in the throat by his axe.


Lloyd sits in his office, turning over one of his paintings on his desk.

Outside, Jade walks toward a door. She looks at the SIGN next to it that says “Lloyd’s Office.”

Jade slams open the doors and bursts into the room. She walks to Lloyd’s desk and stops there.

LLOYD Oh, hello. I have reason to…

JADE Are you Lloyd?

LLOYD I think I am. There are a handful who…

Jade leans across the desk and punches him in the face.

JADE My friend told me about how you were going to start a war.

Lloyd gets up, a bit of blood dripping from his mouth.

LLOYD Is your friend a man who is called Troy?

JADE Answer the question, you tool!

LLOYD You will be required to murder me for the answer, and I don’t think you would want to kill a human being.

Jade walks around the desk to him and kicks him in the face.

JADE If what Troy says is true, I wouldn’t be killing a human being.


Harold, Buster, and Troy dash past the 3 guard corpses up the stairs. They are now in the hall Jade was in.

BUSTER Where is he? Where is Lloyd?

HAROLD He’s right here.

Harold points at a door with the words “Lloyd’s Office” etched on them. He opens the door.

When he looks inside, he sees a surreal mess of colors. Squirming throughout the colors is a snake with the face of Lloyd. Its mouth open wide, showing Troy’s head inside.

Harold shuts the door, while screaming at the top of his lungs.

TROY There’s nothing there.

Harold shuts his eyes, then opens them again. There is no door.

BUSTER The door right here. Let enter.

HAROLD Oh my god. I saw you getting eaten by Lloyd.


HAROLD Totally you.

TROY Sounds like a hell of a hallucination. Let’s go!

The trio enter the door, finding Jade standing in front of Lloyd, who is on the ground, sweating and bleeding profusely from the mouth.

JADE Where are the bombs?

LLOYD I strictly prefer not to tell you, as you do not have authorization for…

Jade grabs Lloyd and shakes him back and forth.

JADE Where are they?

Lloyd smiles, as if everything is going according to plan.

TROY Let me try. I know a good technique.

Jade throws down Lloyd and Troy walks over to him. He lifts up his leg and stomps it between Lloyd’s legs.

LLOYD Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

TROY You don’t want that to repeat, right?

LLOYD I’m not telling!

A white MIST seeps through the door and creeps toward them.

BUSTER What that?

HAROLD We’re toast! It’s tear gas!

TROY The window!

The four run toward the window and Jade hits it with her bow, shattering it.


The four turn back toward him.

LLOYD See that painting on that bookshelf over there?

The four look toward Lloyd’s bookshelf, which has a painting of the sun hanging from the top.

LLOYD Take it off! Take it off now!

Buster runs up to the painting and pulls it off its hook. The bookshelf moves backwards and to the left, revealing a hidden HALL that has stairs at the end of it.

The four exchange a glance, then dash into it. Behind them, the tear gas conceals Lloyd. Through the gas, he is heard screaming in agony.

The four dash down the stairs, and then they are in another hall, at the end of which is a door. They run toward it and open it.

When they enter, they are outside, on a dock. There is a gigantic BOAT.


Two SAILORS are standing in an empty room, except for a wheel. One is operating the wheel.

SAILOR Is she ready to go?

SAILOR 2 Yes, in 3, 2, 1, and now!


The four watch the boat push into water for a moment, then dash toward it. When they are at the edge of the dock, the boat is a bit of distance from it.

BUSTER I can no swim. I just stand here.

Jade nods and then all of them jump into the water and start swimming toward the boat.

When they hit it, they all get a grip on it and begin to climb.

From the top, one sailor notices them and dashes into the inside of the ship.

The three reach the top and climb on. Harold takes off his shoes and socks after he gets on.

TROY Everyone, this is going to be a hell of a fight. You all ready?

HAROLD Totally!

JADE Wicked ready!

The sailor from earlier dashes out with a gun. Troy aims his at the sailor at the same time the sailor does at him and fires. A hole opens in the sailor’s chest as he falls to the floor. The three make their way into the door the sailor came from.

They now find themselves in an empty room, except for a steering wheel. There are 2 sailors, one in front of Harold, and one at the steering wheel.

Harold buries an axe into the one in front of him while Jade shoots one of her arrows into the sailor at the steering wheel.

HAROLD Where are the bombs?

They all walk around the room and explore it.

JADE They should be here.

HAROLD And if their gone?

TROY Then we’re screwed.

SAILOR 3 (OS) Get them! Protect the bombs!

The concrete wall opens up and 3 sailors holding machine guns march out. They fire them, causing the three to take cover behind the wheel.

TROY Fuck!

The steering wheel they’re hiding behind begins to crumble from the bullets. Jade leans out and fires one of her arrows, hitting one of the men in the knee. He falls down and stops shooting.

Harold leans out and throws his axe at another one of the men, hitting him straight in the chest. Troy stands up and shoots the last person in the head.

The three walk out, past the man who got hit in the knee, toward the hole the sailors came out of, with their brows all furrowed in determination.

When they enter the hole, they are in a gray room filled with BOXES. Harold kicks one of them open, revealing one filled with grenades.

HAROLD There they are!

Jade picks up one of the boxes.

TROY What are you doing?

JADE Help me get these over the side before we get bagged.

Harold nods and picks up the box he just opened. Troy does so as well and they exit the room.

When they are back in the room with the 2 dead sailors and the one wounded one, who is looking at them in confusion, a BEEP rings out from somewhere.

FEMALE VOICE (VO) Warning, this place with destruct in 5 seconds.

The trio drop their boxes and dash back the way they came. They then jump into the water and attempt to swim back to the dock.


The box of bombs are in the boxes, almost untouched.  An EXPLOSION spreads throughout the area, causing the bombs inside to explode as well.


The boat explodes, spreading fire and fragments of the boat as it does so. Harold paddles very fast and Buster helps him onto the docks.


HAROLD Totally good!

Harold turns around, and then his mouth drops open in shock. Troy’s body can be made out from the surface, sinking to the bottom. JADE’S BODY, which has its legs blown off, floats at the top.

HAROLD Oh my god! No!

Harold sits down and begins to cry softly to himself. Buster looks blankly at Jade’s dead body.


The wall Troy and Jade climbed over is filled with the dead soldiers who have become zombies.

Suddenly, a PIECE OF THE BOAT, which is on fire, lands on the wall, causing it to burst into flames.

The flames die down, leaving a massive HOLE.

The zombies turn toward the hole and dash into it.


Harold is still sitting on the dock, staring blankly into space. Buster sits next to him.

BUSTER Harold, we been here for 2 hours. Let leave.

Harold and Buster get up and the two walk back the way they came. Harold is hanging his head.


Harold and Buster walk down the stairs. As they do so, they hear increasing load MOANS. They stop walking, but the moans continue to get louder.

The two of the three guards from before, who have become ZOMBIES, dash up the stairs after Harold and Buster. They dash back up.


Harold and Buster burst into Lloyd’s office. LLOYD’S BODY lies in the corner, skin burned and red sclera. Moans echo from the door.

Buster points at the WINDOW at the back of the room.

BUSTER Out here!

Harold nods and lifts himself onto the window sill. He stands up on it and jumps onto a nearby building, landing with only his upper half on it. He squirms his lower half on and gets up.

Buster gets up onto the window sill as well. Meanwhile, we see Lloyd’s skin begin to ROT AWAY. His body gets up as Buster stands on the window sill.

Buster crouches, ready to jump, but then Lloyd’s body grabs his leg, pulling him back in, and takes a large BITE out of it.

BUSTER Help! Help me! Please!

Buster reaches for his gun, but Lloyd grabs his arm and RIPS IT OFF. He throws it aside.

Harold’s mouth drops open in shock as he watches Buster’s body get torn apart.

When Lloyd is done, he then crawls to the window and growls at Harold.

Harold turns around and looks at the EDGE of the building.

GRUFF VOICE (VO) Do it! You’re a waste of space! Do it!

Harold walks toward the edge of the building and puts one foot off.

Harold then steps off the edge and falls to the ground and hits it face-first. BLOOD pours out of his concealed face and drips across the ground.


The hideout is SILENT, except for a few scattered moans. Dead bodies are scattered throughout the city streets.

One DEAD BODY of a young man is piled on one side of the road, with a bite mark on his neck.

A rat scurries past the man, knocking a BOOK out of his hand. Wind blows, and the book opens to the last page. At the top, it reads “If the way things are continues, this shall be the last chapter of humanity.”



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