Part 1,2, and 4 hopefully coming soon depending on feedback!

The branches and bones poked and jabbed at me with every step I took. Soon enough I had entered the deserted corridor which was drenched in a deep shade of black. I froze in place as I realised what hid in this black pit. An amorphous being stood in the darkness of death and despair. My eyes had to be deceiving me. A shapeless being… It had to be impossible. Yet I could sense something sinister in the dark. I pulled my shattered arm that was now riddled with bruises and scrapes from under my light brown leather trench coat. With all the hell I’d seen this couldn’t be anything that would stand in my way. I was wrong.

I forced my haunted arm of war into the cold icy oxygen free air. I screamed in pain and agony as I bent over in pain, but somehow I managed to keep my stance which didn’t last long. A wave of horror grew over my now dying body. A cracking cacophony was heard as fell into the endless void of my own personal hell.

I could see the red shoot out into the darkness like a juice being squirted into a machine revealing the bacteria that was imposing me. A white grim smile was stained with the blood of a… Filthy human revealing a demon. I thought at that moment that I was cursed to fall forever in this never ending black fiery hell of a world. “Damn… I couldn’t have stopped it.” I thought to myself. I just wish I could remember my brother and my mother and father, but it has been so many years here and only seconds there. If I came back now I wouldn’t know what to do or say.

Written by Refreshing Demise

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