Have you ever wanted a wish? For power, immortality, money etc.

Perhaps at any cost, even at a persons' life? Or your own? Well it doesn't go that far lest the demons ask. Let me tell you what EXACTLY, to do.

First Step Edit

Get a bunch of salt, enough to bathe in. Then make a circle out of the salt. Now you need to get six candles and place them around the salt. Next you must get a stone, and bathe it in the ashes of a dead person. Place it inside the very center of the circle. At this point you will must take more salt to make a pentagram around the circle in the style of a Baphomet design, so you need a lot of space where you're doing this.

Finally for this step, take ten pints of you're own blood (or from anything else, but anything else is less effective) and drip the blood on the rock. Make sure ALL of the blood is dropped.

Second step Edit

Probably want to do this at night because you're going to need to fall asleep anywhere. Once asleep, you will be asleep for an hour, after all of that, return to the circle. Now you'll see the stone is missing, which means it's in hell by now. And thus you're new objective is to find you're way into hell and take back the stone.

To start your journey into hell, simply take a bit of the salt from the circle and all the candles to your bathtub, get some water inside of the tub, light the candles around the tub. Then throw some of the salt inside of the tub.

To finish, simply go under the water until you feel hot, and once you do, IMMEDIEATELY jump out of the bath. Now, Welcome to hell.

Third step Edit

Now that you're in Hell, you might feel different. Taller, fatter, more muscular etc. Well, you're simply a demon. Of course this simply to hide you from the tortured souls. Now try to find the stone, it's probably going to be hidden in a ivory tower that looks bloodied and flesh-like. At the top of the tower is where the stone resides.

Next you need to find a certain demon.

Fourth Step Edit

This demon is about 3ft tall, wearing a hood and uses cane. Walk up to him and he will ask:

"I like that rock. Offer a trade?"

Respond to him:


Now he'll respond with an offer for a wish to you of you're choosing. But ultimately, if you don't know a way out of Hell, then at least you're wish. Not an exit.

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