Present timeEdit

I was surfing on the web like any other days. After running out of things to search, I decided to search my own name, Drake Meyer. 

There were many people with many different backgrounds whom shared the same name with me. The first Drake Meyer I saw was a Microsoft Lead Manager for xbox live. Another Drake Meyer was a lawyer in Maine. And other one was an engineer working at Boeing. I chuckled to see so many people had a same name as i did. As I continued down the search result, I saw a particular website called "I HATE DRAKE MEYER". With curiosity, I clicked on the link. 

The website design was really cheap, so much so that I could tell it was made by an amateur. The contents were three short blog posts that seemed to have been written by the page owner. The following are the posts that were on the website.

Sep. 7, 2013Edit

It's another day with this guy, Drake Meyer. Ever since we've met him, this guy is really getting on my nerves. He has one of the most stupidest smiles I've ever seen. This guy thinks he's so funny, when he doesn't realize no one finds him funny. He better start taking things seriously.

Oct. 11, 2013Edit

Goddamn it, I really hate this guy! Drake Meyer is the most egotistical, hypocrite, and hardheaded person I've ever met. He doesn't listen to anyone. He put himself as the leader when no one asked him to and always makes stupid or wrong decisions. He doesn't listen to anyone, always claiming he's always right. Everyone gave up trying to talk to him. They accepted to just follow his lead all the time. Well, not for me. I will find someway to get rid of him.

Oct. 21, 2013Edit

I had enough. I thought about giving him a chance, no, I already GAVE him the chance to fix his attitude. He can't be changed. He doesn't want to change. I WILL kill him soon, when I see the earliest opportunity. I will be so discrete, he won't see me coming.

Present timeEdit

"What the fuck?" I said after finishing the latest entry. Whoever this other Drake Meyer was, he had one of the biggest haters I've ever seen. I somehow found this to be very amusing. I posted this on facebook. Telling my friends what I found. They all liked and commented funny stuff about the blog. The next day, I went back to the website. There was a new blog.

July 24, 2014Edit

He found out.

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