This is told in perspectives of two characters, Chris and Linsey.


"So you're moving to Chicago, and you're breaking up with me?"

She looked at with with those sad, watery eyes.

"Linsey, I know how much you love me, and the feeling is mutual," I responded, "but this is a job opportunity that's just too good to pass. I have to take the offer."

She began to sniff now. And I felt really sorry about it. I mean, we dated for two years now. We were attached to each other. It was sad to end it like this.

"So what should we do now?" Linsey asked

"Well, i thought may be we could give each other a good-bye presents." I answered, "You know, as a memento."

Linsey wiped her tears with handkerchief. "I guess since you're moving out day after tomorrow, today would be a good day to do it"

"Yeah. So let's go"

Because this was the last day we'd be seeing each other, we decided to give each other expensive gifts. I bought Linsey a brand-new Coach handbag. She bought and ordered me a cool desktop computer. It was suppose to arrive tomorrow. At the end of the day, we went to a fancy restaurant, where we split the bills. We walked the night streets of the city. At the Starbucks, where we first met, we said our fair-wells and went each other's way.

The next day, as I continued prepping to move out of my apartment, I felt really guilty about not telling Linsey the whole truth.

There was a another girl I was seeing. Jennifer. Yes, I was a cheating, two-timing bastard. We have been discretely seeing each other for two months now. I promised Jennifer we'll start a new life on Chicago.

As I wondered if I should tell Linsey at the last minute, my door bell rang. The delivery guy came with my computer that Linsey ordered for me. Seeing the PC made me feel even more guilty about cheating on her.

I decided to remove the computer from the box and pack it with other stuff.

I opened the box.

Inside the box was Jennifer, all in pieces, her head looking at me with those dead, cold, eyes.

I screamed and jumped back from the box. I couldn't porcess what I was seeing. Who could have done this?

Linsey, could she have...?


I heard his scream. It was not hard to miss since I was right in front of his apartment.

He thought he could hide her from me. How dumb does he think I am?

Well if he wants her so bad, he can keep her. In pieces.

As I walked away, I looked at my cellphone to see my reflection.

There was a grin. A grin that could have been a satisfaction, happiness, or evilness.

Written by Sgy0003

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