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The House of Memories

This is not your normal Pokémon creepypasta. This has nothing to do with Lavender Town Syndrome or Gary’s Dead Raticate even though it does have to do with Lavender Town. It’s not confirmed but it’s just a theory. A dark theory at that. A theory that I believe holds a lot of water and no one else has even realized it.

In Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal and their Remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver go to Lavender Town in the Kanto Region (this is only possible if you have already beat the Elite Four) and there’s this building called the “House of Memories” which is the new grave site because the Pokémon Tower was replaced with a Radio tower in Generations 2 and 4.

Lavender town
Inside “The House of Memories” there is a woman who tells you that only Mr. Fuji can enter the catacombs of the “House of Memories” and it’s suspicious that you’re Pokémon “appears somehow sad” or “is trembling with fear" with your Pokémon eventually becoming angry at you. If animals in our real world are able to predict tragedies then Pokémon are more than capable. It’s also suspicious that your Pokémon only do that in this one area but not in the Radio Tower considering the fact that more Pokémon 
are there and the fact that a marowak was killed there by Team Rocket. There’s also evidence of paranormal activity there because of the multiple channelers getting possessed when the Radio Tower was the Pokémon tower. I have a few thoughts on this.
  • Mr. Fuji could be a serial killer luring people into the catacombs just to murder them and get rid of the evidence by making a mass grave and burning the bodies.
  • Buried alive could be down there.
  • A Portal to Hell is there, and the Pokémon Hell is the Distortion World.
  • Pokémon zombies?
  • Nothing, and the Pokémon are just grieving over their dead friends.

Maybe we will never know until Nintendo or Game Freak allows us access or maybe they already did.

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