My days in Garry's Mod haven't been too normal lately. Let me explain. Ever since 2014 came around, my Garry's Mod has been acting up. Today's experience was like none other. I was going to make a comic, which I haven't done in two years. I loaded the map rp_apocalypse. I'm not kidding. That was the name. I thought nothing weird would happen since I reviewed it some months ago and nothing went wrong besides my shitty mic. But today...I didn't expect anything like what happened.

I loaded the map up and decided to make a side pose since I hadn't done so in days. I did that with no problems. However, after that, shit got a bit weird. As my light flickered off for a second, the map suddenly became brighter than it should have. I shrugged it off as High Dynamic Range [HDR]. But when it stayed that way no matter where I looked, I got suspicious. I checked to see if I had spawned a fog editor. I didn't. Suddenly my room light flickered pretty bright but didn't go out. That's when the map turned dark.

I nearly shit myself. Was my light predicting when the map changed? Then I noticed my physics gun, which was formerly pink. It was now purple. For some reason, I didn't want to exit the game. I continued on through the map, and after a while it got even darker. Now fires were green, and my physics gun was now blue. My heart sank when I put together the colors.

Pink, purple, and blue. Those were the colors of a silly Steam group my friends and I created. I was pink, my retarded friend was purple, and my weird but smart friend was blue. What was this whole thing predicting? Our deaths? A haunting by a fanboy? Maybe something followed me home? I may never know. And I honestly don't WANT to know.

Killroy Freeman (talk) 02:19, April 3, 2014 (UTC)Killroy Freeman

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