The game Five Nights at Freddy's is a game for people who are brave with jump scares. There are a lot of theories about it too. There is, however, one theory I would like to talk about. The Cupcake.

If you guys aren't blind, you can see that little cupcake in the corner near Chica's window. There is actually, if you didn't notice, a couple of cupcakes. I will try to get a couple pictures on this page. *ahem* Anyways, if you go to the show stage and look closely to Chica's left hand, you will see the same cupcake with pink icing and with no wrapper. This same cupcake appears when Chica is at the East Hall. Atleast, when she is at the door. If you look closely, to the bottom in her left hand, is that same cupcake.

Some say that there is a clone of the cupcakes. You can also see them on Chica's poster in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Others say that the cupcake, in Mike's (the guy your playing as if you didn't know) office, is actually a video camera. The cupcake appears to have a pair of eyes. Some say that the eyes are the lenses. That MAY actually be true. When Foxy attacks (another theory I will do about him) the player, the little TV screens near the door that he is in, will turn on. But I have a question. If the cupcake IS a camera, wouldn't the TV screens show what Mike looks like? This is just a theory. Nobody knows for sure, so I just hope I can make more.

Is the Cupcake Alive? Edit

One user on the Five Nights at Freddy's forums said that the cupcake BLINKED at him. Now he said it happened after the fourth phone call, when phone guy is killed. Now I haven't seen any REAL footage of it blink, but if there is, I'll put it on. But my question is, is the cupcake alive? Or is it a video camera? Or it might be a mask. I know it's not a theory, but still, who knows? Anyways, Why would a cupcake have eyes? Maybe the cupcake is a COSTUME. Maybe not, or maybe it's only part of the costume. I don't know. But maybe the cupcake is the HEAD of a costume. But it's not big enough. Maybe. Don't say that this theory is stupid and give me a bad review, I heard it from someone. Just saying.

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