Are you afraid of the dark? Many people would think I'm profound to say, "of course not," because that is childish. While others would say, "of course I am." Neither of these responses are bad nor something to be embarrassed about. Now, what if I said that I have the answers as to why the darkness is horrifying? After all, you should beware the things you are about to read; since I may change your perception of them.

Imagine being home alone at midnight. Its pitch dark outside and you have a single window with nothing covering it up. Everything is going fine until you start getting an anxious feeling. Every few seconds you look up and just stare into the darkness like something is there. Finally, you calm down and decide to go to bed. You wake up abruptly to see something watching you from the window. Not knowing what to do, you run out of your bed room and go into your parents only to find out they're still not home. You turn on all the lights in the house only for all of them to be turned off. Screaming now, you feel something touch you and then you don't feel anything anymore.

Have I gotten you to rethink your thoughts on the dark? Maybe I should give most of you the "truth" you need instead of scenarios. The dark is the home to many creatures and evil things. Pretty cliché, but it is the truth. It is believed that during the night evil creatures and beings are brought to our realm. Be careful next time you are outside or home alone during the night. The beings look for someone to capture and take back to their realm. Are you still skeptical or are you scared of the dark? Hopefully I changed your thoughts.

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