I was the military homicide detective for years at my base, and we had had a report of our troops getting murdered while on patrol.

One of the people had survived one of the attacks he was short, bald, and had huge eyes, but that’s beside the point.

He said that every time they would send people out on a patrol they would never come back (except him of course) he said that as they were on patrol far away from the base they were walking around and they were in a huge group when “he” attacked, up front he saw as his friends and teammates were slaughtered, he was tall and, with all the fire around him he looked like the devil himself, as they ran from the man he shot fire balls at his best friend who had been his best man at his wedding and he watched his friend burn to death and watched as the man jumped over him but then he turned around and was silent his eyes burned into my soul and then he ran into a open storm drain and ran off into the fading sun as him, being the only survivor he ran and ran until he got to the base and now he’s explaining this.

We gathered all of our best troopers and militia, snipers and engineers. We ARE taking him out. 

We were waiting then we saw the man and he looked devil red as we heard screams from up the hill, we knew we were close as he came up close he was huge and shooting fire balls all over, one of the engineers hit him with a hammer and he he he just shrunk and then right before he jumped on him he yelled “It’s A Me, Mario!” 

Steven (aka nerfnstuff)

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