Hi my name is justin i like skyrim as much as the next guy but never see the same because of the so the day after getting out of high school i bought skyrim from crossgates mall and the 

the worker said are you sure you want that?

i said yes why do you ask?

he said no reason 

i thought somthing was up 

but i thought it was nothing

I smacked the game in and played my friend wanted a turn so i handed him the controller 

umm justin said my friend tyler

yeah i said 

look he said 

nearly yelled to what i saw blood everywhere dead body's with scratches 

i jumped up and said wait

i remember the worker saying fishy things so 

i said let's go to crossgates

ok said tyler

i hopped in my sweet car and drove off to crossgates

but i remembered the game had some strange texture so my friend hacked the game files and the texture was call http.i will

holy shit i said before crashing

i drove home and grabed my bow and arrow 

and said i'm done 

then i shot the bow and arrow at the game and it broke into peices and i lived my friend ok i was happy until a knife flys right past my head and i shot the bow and guess who threw the knife the worker

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