I don't know how this happened, and I might die soon, but let me make this as quick as I can. He's after me, I know he is, and he knows I looked at the blueprints for the mansion.

The StoryEdit

A month ago, I bought a mansion for $3,500,000. It was a fabulous mansion; almost as detailed as the White House, even better than the dream house I had expected.

Since I keep around with me a magnet, I wasn't surprised when I fell down by a force. It wasn't the first time it's happened, I always check for nails. However, it was only in that specific area. The realtor didn't say what it was; on the contrary, he avoided discussing it at any cost.

So, I went to the man the realtor said had the blueprints, and he said, "What can I help you with?". I responded "I'd like the blueprints for 710 Turin Avenue". Some color drained from his face, but responded calmly saying "Very well, take them. But that'll be $25".

So I paid the man $25 and I checked it. Apparently, there was supposed to be a basement. Now, as the owner of the house, I knew full well there wasn't a basement, so, of course, I had a listen.

Since I have quite sharp ears, I could hear this small moaning. I checked the date this was supposed to be done, and it said...

A month ago. Perfect. Just what I needed. A guy who's probably been drinking his own pee to live in a basement that was built, but sealed. So that's what the nails were for.

For anyone who is looking to buy the house, don't do it, you'll reg--

June 23rd, 2013Edit

A guy named James Whitteker was found dead covered in blood. The police checked the basement, and there was a guy who was dead, presumably from starvation. The police found the blueprints destroyed.

Cell 1 rev

Pieboy714 (talk) 20:57, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

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