It's been days since I last saw someone. Nobody knew where the plague came from, only that it killed everyone it came into contact with. Everyone, except me. I alone seemed immune. The government tried running tests on me, trying to find out why I was immune. But before they could find a cure, the plague found them. One day, I awoke in my room, with the door unlocked, my doctor was on the other side, lying face down; dead. I don't know if she was trying to help me escape, or if she was planning to kill me with that pistol in her hand. I like into think it was the former. After I made my way through the complex, I found their archives. Thanks to one of the dead doctors, one of the monitors was unlocked. It was then that I found out that the plague had spread far beyond the U.S. The plague had spread to every corner of the globe. Entire countries collapsed within days of their first reported cases. I turned off the monitor. I couldn't read anymore. The world as I knew it, was over. And there was nothing I could  do about it.

So I stayed in the facility until I ran out of food. Since then, I've been looking for someone. Anyone. But all I've found are corpses and bones. The world's a lot more quiet now. Sometimes I scream until my voice gives out. Just so I can hear something. Anything. The silence is deafening. There has to be someone like me out there, right? I couldn't have been the only one immune. I can't be the only one. I've never felt more alone than right now. And I'm afraid. Afraid that I might actually be alone. Completely. Utterly. Alone. There is nothing more I want than to not be alone anymore. I don't even know why I'm writing this. If I am the only one left, then nobody will read this. But if someone has found this, please understand that I couldn't take it anymore. The silence is everywhere. And I have no voice to break it anymore. I have a gun in my bag. Just in case I needed it. And I've never needed anything more in my entire life. Maybe, I can join the others. Maybe I don't have to be alone anymore.


My Other Story Edit

Ghost Story

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