The Foxie for Most Memorable story of 2013 goes to...Edit

Fanatics by Stormlilly

Of all the stories I read last year, this one clearly stands out in my memory. You see, there's only one story that I've ever asked a member of the wiki specifically not to take down, and Fanatics is that story. It all started (for me) with a page that had been completely erased. I took the time to read what had been removed, and had to double-check more than once to make sure it really had been the author who removed it. At that time, Stormlilly didn't even have an account. Fortunately for everyone, the timing was right, and we were able to talk it over. Obviously, the results of that talk were favourable, and both Stormlilly and the page ended up sticking around. If you haven't read this one, you should. The imagery and story present an unsettling world that is at once familiar, and yet still far from normal, raising as many (if not more) questions as answers.

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