The Foxie for Kefke's Overall Favourite Pasta of 2013 Goes to...Edit

The Building by Moist Towelette

Who could have seen this coming?! Well...anyone, probably. Of all the stories written last year, there are none nearly so SOG as "The Building", and that's understandable. This is a story about us. Less a "proper" creepypasta than a tribute, this was a story offering a horror flavoured spin on some of the most notable users on the wiki at the time. Even I'm in it! It was a great nod to everything that makes the SOG community what it is, and it became an instant hit around here for a while. So what if, when you take it as just a creepypasta, it comes full of clichés and tropes? Those our our clichés, our tropes. It's a story about us...just a bunch of ordinary gamers who've come to gether to fill the world with a little slice of our own creative vision, and maybe get people to look at things in a little different light now and then. That's what made it special, what still makes it special, and makes it my absolute favourite story of 2013.

Here's to another great year.

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