The indisputable Rasputin was a dutiful dog, 

In terms of couch, food and sleep he was a venerable hog,

Slow to react, living the life of a log.

Assuredly he's Rasputin, the Indisputable dog.

Rasputin's owner, the considerable loner,

An Author, a drunk, heavy user of toner,

Would topple his drinks, his papers blotched.

All while Rasputin sat and watched.

The owner sat eating, composing a note,

Rasputin paid atttention, willing, devote.

The owner showed no mind, clearing his throat,

"This isn't democracy, you don't get a vote."

The next day Rasputin while out on a walk, 

Indisputably heard some indistinguishable talk.

Rasputin twisted and let out a squawk,

Free from his lead he ran for a block.

The running owner closer the distance,

Showing some esteem persistence,

For without this alarming instance,

Excercise is met with great resistance.

In the alley the owner met two men and a knife,

One relieved his wallet, the other his life.

As the owners life was permanently botched,

The indisputable Rasputin sat and watched...

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