The concrete felt cold on my feet as I ran down the empty night covered street. My younger brother, Jacob held my hand tight and shivered as he limped along with one bullet riddled leg. I was so frail and confused at the time. I took one more glance at the burning building we escaped. A tear rolled down my pale and scarred mug of a face. I turned my head back down to my now only five year old brother. “We’re going to be okay.” I claimed.

All he did was sob and scream in pain I gripped his hand tighter and tighter as he started to fall to hard icy ground until I couldn’t hold him any longer. I bent down to my knees and started to spouting lies that I thought were all the truth at the time. “Don’t go… We’ll be fine don’t run away please. I need you to love me and I need to love you… Please.” I held his almost lifeless body which was slowly fading away in my cold and rough hands as he bled out. “Don’t… Just don’t… Please no… No more.” I started saying to myself. “I- I’m sorry.”

I heard the squeal of his high pitched voice in my ears. “Sorry for what?” I sobbed. He pulled his hands from under himself and reached deep into his pocket pulling out an emerald green earing. “I- I stole it… I’m sorry.” I sorrow grew louder as I started to hear the awful sounds of soldiers footsteps and guns rattling. I simply grabbed his small hand and closed his cold snow white fingers. “I want you to have it.” I told him as a puddle of red fluids made its way onto my dirty white gown.

“J- Jane” Was his final word… My name it was almost as if he were calling out to me, but I couldn’t save him. I ran my fingers through his golden brown hair one last time before I stood up and left his body for the army and the monsters that lurked in the shadows. I wiped the tears away from my face as I told him before I left “Say hi to mom and dad for me.” I now live as a twenty-five year old woman and I am part of the last humans left. I am part of the last of us.

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