My name is Jacob and I'm 17 .I would like to share one of my memories as a kid.

Since I was born in 1997 I didn't play any old games like Super Mario Bros. I grew up with a PS2 that I bought when I was 8 years old. At 10 years I discovered emulators and wanted to check some old games out. Everyone suggested Super Mario World to me so i downloaded it. I really liked the game so I completed it 100%. After that I really didn't know what to do and it was then I discovered hacks for the game.

One day out of curiosity i checked the bad hacks section and there I found only one hack simply called "M World". Thinking that M stays for Mario I downloaded it. That same day I saw a man missing on the news. When I started the hack everything seemed normal. I started playing the level and eventually died. After the normal death animation a message appeared stating "M is here for you." I was confused but I continued playing. When I got to Iggy I had only one life. Iggy killed my and this time after the normal death animation a message appeared saying "M is here for you, You can't escape." I was really scared and deleted the hack immediately.

The next day as I started my computer an error message appeared saying "M really wants you." I was scared and when i tried closing the message another one would pop up. It didn't allow me to open any program except the SNES emulator. I opened the emulator and the error message disappeared. Then i wanted to close the emulator but it didn't allow me and instead the M world hack which somehow returned opened itself. The title this time didn't say Super Mario World as it should but it said Super Majin World and there wasn't a trademark symbol. Instead of Mario coming some sort of red figure came from the side of the screen. Then the man that looked exactly the same as the missing man that was on the news fell from the top of the screen and the red figure kicked him into a pit. The sky turned red and the sign "Nintendo 1991,1992" turned into "NINTENDO 666". I managed to take a picture. After that a message appeared saying "Are you next Jacob?" I screamed and pulled my computer out of the socket.

Imgres - Copy

The next day feeling braver I turned on the computer and the hack. Everything was like in the normal copy of Super Mario World except for the message after the death animation that was saying "M has already got you." Later that day, on the news I saw they found the missing man dead lying in a deep pit...

The picture that Jacob captured --->