This poem is a poem that will be later used in a creepypasta I'm making. If you guess what this poem is about, you are considered a winner.

The Man in BlackEdit

I have beaten him,

And yet I have not.

Tricked by this demon,

And I’m stuck here in this pot.

Now in this time,

I’ve received a letter.

It’s from my formal enemy,

A man I thought I’d slain and never’d return.

“Hello Jack,

I have came back.

Did you remember me in your little sack?

It’s the man in black.

From long ago in my greatest pride,

It’s been taken away by you white samurai.

Yes you have stopped me on my path to make you die,

I’ve resurrected to send you forward in time.

I have not sent you very far in the future,

But I have seen that you have a love for her.

Heh, maybe you are a lonely man,

But I’m not really sure.

This now concludes your

failure to your father.

It had succeeded for a while,

Til I came while you blither.

Thou wish you would die

In thy own blood eh?

Well you say thine sword shall work,

But remember it never did you away.

Now enjoy this new world

Now that the plight is over.

Come back for me,

And I’ll kill both you and her.”

As I read with displea,

I remember him now.

The man with four horns,

And his laugh I disallow.

His face green as a swamp

And eyes made of fire.

Body of black wood

And was tall as a tower.

I can’t mention him again

For that was personal since he’s back.

I’ll only mention him now as…

The man in black...

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