Man in the Black Suit

Have you ever witnessed a tragedy occur? Have you ever seen a horrifying experience? Ever had a near death experience? You are probably saying to yourself why am I being asked these questions? What does any of this have to do with each other? Well, allow yourself to think for a moment. These things all have a similarity. They all occur around a terrifying event that leads to death or near death.

You could be driving on the highway and happen to see an accident occur. Someone could be dead or critically injured. Before you drive off look around. Something in your surroundings doesn't feel right. There's a cold in the air, something that is sending chills down your spine. But what it is? What's causing these things? Look at all the people who are there, and try to find someone specific, a man in a black suit. He could be in a car, in a crowd of people or standing alone.

Take a good look at him and memorize his features. He wears a complete black suit, no other colors in his clothes than black other than a grey tie. His face looks devoid of any emotion. His eyes are somewhat droopy, like he is in a trance. Keep your eyes on him, because soon after he will disappear from view. What you saw is something very little people ever notice.

This man is seen at any event that ends in tragedy. The man does nothing to draw attention to himself, just a silent witness. However he is always there at the time events transpire that lead to unpleasant outcomes. The mans face changes, but the eye's and suit always are the same. His expression remains a cold absence of any emotion. Some say that he is the manifestation of death, others say he is responsible for these atrocities. All you need to know is that when you see that man in the black suit, something terrible is about to happen.

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