On a cold winters evening, my good friend messaged me saying that there was a man in the forest kidnapping people, because my friend was a prankster I couldn't believe him due to the fact he pranked me with a rubber knife yesterday, so I went down to my local forest to go camping with him to prove to myself that he was joking.

Once we got there he pretended to fall and said he broke his leg, after that he tried to jumpscare me around the fire.

After a calm night my alarm randomly went off at 3 AM, I saw that the door to my friends part of the tent was slightly flecked with blood, when I went out searching he was not anywhere to be found so I left his tent and went back to my apartment, when I got in I heard noises coming from the main room, still thinking about my lost friend I hid in my closet, suddenly the closet doors were pulled open by a man dressed in all black and a smiling mask that's when I screamed.

The kidnapper took me back to his hut in the deepest part of the forest, surrounded by blood and also surrounded by the smell of faeces, vomit, blood and sweat, he explained that he followed me ever since me and my friend got here, confused I then asked him where my friend was and he said to me "Timothy, Timothy, Timothy... You haven't figured out yet" and suddenly it clicked.

The kidnapper pulled off his mask to reveal my best friend Franks face smirking at me, when Frank said he was going to get his "Prize possession" I ran to my other friend Dave's house luckily he was in, I proceeded to tell him about the incident with Frank and that he should watch out he then went to a cabinet and pulled out the same smiling mask that Frank was wearing as he said "I told Frank not to get you, not you, but leader Frank did so I guess I'm gonna kill you".

I then suddenly sprinted out the door and I found the Police Chief I told him about both the incidents, I was ready to flee if he was a Smiling Tree Kidnapper, after all the kidnapper/kidnappers were never reported but surprisingly he whipped out his Glock 18 and went to Dave pointing his gun at his head then turning it to me and saying "Why mess with this "group" we are country wide even government officials are with us, NO ESCAPE", they both took me back to the filthy hut and went to talk to Frank and then here we are now, there is no hope for me...

JUST STAY AWAY FROM THE FORESTS, Frank is coming It's over now. I'm glad I wrote this in time...


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