One day ago, I was playing on my Wii. So, I played Mario Sports Mix. I selected Dodgeball and picked my characters.

So, I wanted to play a match at DK Dock. I played. And on the final round, the very last quarter, Mario, (me) was about to hit Ninja with the Dodgeball. He was on the edge of the dock. I hit him and he splashed into the water. The game said: Ninja OUT! The game randomly resumed. Ninja was not even on the dock. So it kept playing and I didn't do anything. I used one of my hacks and we won. The screen where your opponent lost only had 2 CPU's. It was weird.

It did not show Ninja. Just Waluigi and one of my Mii's. So, I restarted my Wii and when I entered the game, It was normal. In the character selection screen, Ninja was not there.. My game started corrupting so I turned off my Wii.

This happened to some person about a month ago. It was on the news:


MARIO SPORTS MIX, NINTENDO SUED! A child was playing Mario Sports Mix, he hit the player and he splashed into the water. A day later, His parents went on the beach and their child drowned. Cause: Mario Sports Mix.

That is what I saw.

Lets continue my story.

I turned on my Wii again and my game started becoming corrupted again and I was scared. I took out the disc and smashed it. When I went to the pool, I nearly drowned. Luckily my parents were there. My Wii works fine now. I will never buy Mario Sports Mix again.

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