Ghirahim (hyrule warriors)

Master Link,"  hummed Fi; "I detect in the distance what appears to be The Gate Of Time. I recommend we enter it. Perhaps Zelda is in there! I do detect Impa the Sheikah."  Link and I nodded acknowledgingly. Why me? I really didn't know then, and I still don't know. I directed Link forth, his foot-falls rustling the grass beneath him. That's when something awkward happened; as Link was just inches away from the entrance, he screamed as he fell into a hole in the ground. "Dammit, Ghirahim...!" I muttered. It was a trap, of course...But there hadn't  been one there before, at least none that I could see. I suddenly heard a very loud and unnerving thud emanate from my wiimote. Holy crap, it was loud! It was as if Link had fallen very far and hit something very hard.

"Oh Link..." I called softly, chuckling, "You okay there?"  I could finally see him. He slowly stood up, turning around wonkily and nodding at me with a sheepish grin on his face. I smiled. Yeah, yeah, it was odd, but I was (and still am) used to odd; because I am odd!  

Moving on... Link and I took a moment to examine the area; it looked like the interior of some sort of temple, with gray stone walls that had what looked to be Twili markings and just Twili-like in general, like some of those seen in the realm. Was this...normal? I mean, I know there's like, zero known references to the Twilit race and Twilight Realm in Skyward Sword, but what if Ghirahim had sent us to a hidden or scrapped/abandoned area of the game?

I summoned Fi. "Fi, what is this place and what are all these markings?" Link and I inquired. Fi akwardly replied, "I know not what this place is or its markings, Master Link."  I sighed. "Thanks anyway, Fi." She like Link had. At this point, I wasn't so scared as I was concerned. I had to wonder as to what the hell was going on. Suddenly, we saw a sparkling red figure in front of us, hovering above a pedistal that reminded me of the ones that summoned the Great Faries in the Fountains in Hyrule and Termina. All three of us suddenly did a double take, and realized that that was no fairy. It was...Ghirahim, instead... "Ghirahim?!!" I gasped. Ghirahim simply chuckled, with a snap of his fingers as his theme played. Suddenly, the Demon Lord's theme was...In reverse?! "HOLY SHIT!" I gasped; it was quite terrifying, and reminded me of all the tracks from Sonic Exe. Of course, Ghirahim (as if things couldn't worsen) simply pointed and laughed at me. "Yah hahahaha!!" His usual retarded laugh. Oh yes, and adding insult to injury, throughout the entire warped theme, it seemed like suspense was building, like something bad was supposed to happen. But as the last terrifying note died out, nothing happened. What the hell, Ghirahim? What the hell indeed...

Ghirahim just stared at us for the longest time, with his arms folded at his chest, a big deceitful grin lacing his lips. Link drew his sword, without me asking him to. And that's when Ghirahim spoke. "Oh, hello skychildren!" The Moblin King hummed gleefully. "Skychildren?!" I had wondered to myself. "You look a little less...grungy than usual!" he chirped at Link. Fi cocked her head curiously at this. "Masters, he is far less...hostile than usual." Both Link and I did our best to 'shuush" her. "And you a goddess, as usual." He sleazily purred at me, looking me straight in the eyes. I face palmed. Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's when things really got crazy; Ghirahim actually managed to reach forth, grab the Goddess Sword, and snatch up Fi along with it. "HEY!" Link and I both protested. Fi struggled to escape Ghirahim's grasp, but to no avail. I motioned to her to bite him in self-defense. As she did, Ghirahim screamed and let go as Fi dug her...teeth (?) into his arm. "Since when did Fi have teeth?" I had thought to myself, having realized the fact that I had forgotten that Fi was a sword spirit, afterall; since WHEN does a light sword spirit have teeth when a dark one does?!  That thought-train had immediately crashed after that issue, however, as Impa appeared from behind Ghirahim and proceeded to whack the hell  out of him with her sword (no pun intended). "AH! AH! AH! STOP IT!" he screeched. "YOU! WILL! LEAVE! THEM! ALONE!!!" Angrily replied Impa, still swinging the hell out of that sword of her's as she spoke. I suddenly realized that she wasn't talking just about Link and Fi; she was talking about Link Ghirahim scoffed, departing in a cloud of diamond-shaped magic dust. "Thank you, Impa." Link and I chimed. Impa nodded. "Now, I suppose you three have STILL been looking for Zelda.  Well, I last saw her upstairs somewhere," Impa hummed, pointing to the barely visable blackened ceiling of the floor. "What do you mean by that?" I inquired. "Just go up the stairs if you want to find her!" Retorted Impa. Link looked at me. I looked at Fi. Fi looked at Link. We hurried for that staircase.

Now, you must be wondering what all that was about, but I can't quite say. All I know is, now, when I play Skyward Sword,  I occasionally get addressed with Link. I couldn't be happier, I must say. That, I must say.


Here guys and girls, here's a link to the reversed song I mentioned:

I made it myself!

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