It was a special day for the SOG Wiki, Flaky and Tyrin were going to marry, everyone was already in the  chapel waiting for the lovers, soon enough they came both in pretty bride dresses they walked up to the altar where the priest was waiting, it was Meds in his usual ninja outfit with priest robes on it:

"BY THE POWER OF THE NINJA SCHOOL I FAILED 2 TIMES AT, I-" Jerry the dinosaur whipped Meds away with his tail and then proceeded with the wedding.

"Did not know Jerry was a priest..." Viper whispered to Meds who was lying face down on the ground.

"He studied in the Dinosaur priest academy" Meds said as he slowly got up wiping the dust on his ninja suit.

"Why do we have to celebrate it in a Raptorian Church?" = - = Bree added

"Well it was this or behind the dumpster Flaky and Tyrin first did it..." Dusty responded "The hobo that lives there does not stop flashing his nipples at me..."

"Ah you are talking about my uncle Joe" Nipples said

The ceremony went like butter on the back of a hairy and sweaty hobo:

"I declare and Thing you can now kiss the...that thing" Jerry pointed at Tyrin, Flaky slowly leaned towards Tyrin in a slow but touching kiss, their first kiss.

"Wait...I swear I have seen them kiss each other more than once, and each one of them they look like they are eating each other's faces" Bree said confused.

"Bree how can you be so cold and heartless..." Nipples said

"Says the one with the dress that shows off his nipples" = - =U Bree responded

"CAT FIGHT!!!" Meds screamed, everyone crowded around Bree and Nipples.

Bree was like "..."

Nipples ripped his dress off as his muscles grew like the hulk, Bree quickly pulled out a purple wig and put it on Meds's head then placed him in her place, soon enough he was having the shit beat out of him while Flaky and Tyrin were not kissing each other like they were eating each other's faces like Bree said.

Commercial break:

"Got Milk?"

"No but I do have a bottle of semen and a bag of  chips"

"Good enough"

Back to our regular program: Everyone Loves Bang-Cock

After the ceremony and a quick trip to the hospital for Meds the team went to celebrate the new marriage at a 8 and a half star hotel "The Anal Twist" It was a huge ancient hotel in the middle of the city, everyone celebrated with joy the wedding. Soon enough it was time to cut the cake, when the pair was about to cut the cake Mutahar popped from it "HAH!!! TIME TO GET MY REVEN-" Viper kicked the trolley the cake was on towards the window where soon Mutahar and the cake fell through "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" did I mention they were in a 154th?

After that everyone to the rooms each one was assigned to, to save money some had  to share rooms (Do you think they are rich or what?) Prof and Areis had to share room since they were both fish and there was only one room with a flipper waxer:

"ITS MINE! YOU OVERSIZED FISH!" Areis snapped at Prof

"NO! IT'S MINE YOU MAMMAL FISH!" Prof tried to push Areis aside


"Is not for the flipper you are thinking" Prof grabbed the waxer and shoved his big one inside

O.O ... <------ Areis

"WHAT? my tail also needs a good waxing" Prof had shoved his tail inside.

...Then he shoved his penis in.

In another room, Col.Sexypants was carefully placing his needles in numerical order:

"Aids 1, aids 2, aids 3..."

Jenkins then placed a whole box of dynamite on top "Sorry Doc but I'm working on something right now and I need all the space I can have"

"But you have already filled ZE entire room  with dynamite" the room was literally filled with crates of explosives "Who ZE fuck invited yo-"

Meanwhile in another room

Dusty, Babylon, Nipples and Sshaken had to share the room:

Nipples was having one of his beauty baths, rubbing baby oil on his nipples

"Damn commies stole my wheelchair again!" Babylon loaded his gun

Sshaken was training with his punching bad "Take it easy grandpa, no commies are here..."

"Then who stole my wheelchair?!"

Dusty spitted the wheelchair out "Eh...found it?" Dusty said with an innocent smile

Suddenly a commie dressed in a commie uniform came out of her mouth and took the wheelchair back inside "мой"

" OH HELL NO YOU BASTARDS!" Babylon jumped into her mouth, Sshaken got a hold of Babylon's legs trying to pull him out of there "GET OUT YOU MOTHERFU-"

Next room...

Afterlife, Unknown and Ruby had to share the same room because it was the only one for a paw waxer:

"I wanna use it!" Unknown growled sparks appeared, since he was a Jolteon

"Women first, shellshock" Ruby said grumpily

"I GO FIRST!" he snatched the paw waxer "My big one needs a waxing"

O-O... <---- Ruby O-O...<----Unknown

"What?" he had shoved his machinegun in...

Then his penis...

Next room

Viper, Bree,Marcus and Meds had to share one room:

Bree was quietly reading on her bed, Viper was sitting on his with a grumpy look, Meds was playing around.

"Urgh...I wanted to sleep at the garage with all the other cars" Viper sighed

" know what they said, the owners did not want a huge robotic...thing, cuddling the cars..."

"That's racist!!! Just because I'm a robot does not mean I would rape those cars"

" just tried to date the ambulance Meds was in" Bree rolled her eyes

"Hey, It told me It was 18, I did not know it wa-..."

Bree stared

"...Whatever..." Viper growled

Marcus came from the bathroom with a razor "Ow...can you quiet down! I'm trying to shave...god I'm bleeding"

"But aren't you death itself? how can yo-"

"SHUT UP BREE!" everyone said

Meds fell from the ceiling "OW!!!"

Suddenly, something knocked on the door in the room where ruby, afterlife and unknown were.

Afterlife opened the door still with the paw waxer on his dinger just wiggling and making a buzzing noise, outside a ghost was there, standing staring uncomfortably at Afterlife who just stood there with a pleasure face:

"Eeehm...HI! I'm Steve Carmack...I'm the ghost next door and...I heard some went to see what is going on...but...ehm...I guess everything is doing fine..."

"WAIT! what did you say you were?" Afterlife asked

"ehm...a ghost? is there something wro-"

"GHOST!!!!" Afterlife screamed

Everyone ran out of their rooms, everyone ended up in front of Flaky and Tyrin's bedroom, Dusty ate the door, Marcus walked in and said:

"There are ghosts in this hotel we should lea-"

The room looked like the wet dream of a BDSM teenage lover that was caught masterbating after watching a marathon of 80s metal music videos, Flaky was hanging from the ceiling with a gag-ball wearing a leather suit that showed more meat than a butcher shop, Tyrin was standing next to the bed with a whip and another leather suit that shoved even more all while wearing a tight leather G string.

" not...what it looks like..." Tyrin said with a blush

"HMGHPHJHGP" Flaky tried to say

After that embarrassing moment they tried to take the elevator but not everyone could fit, so 1 had to use the stairs:

"Hey where is Viper? I just realized he is not with us..."

"PSYCHE!" Meds said before the elevators doors closed with everyone in, leaving Bree alone

= - =U <----- Bree

Meanwhile Viper had managed to sneak his way to the garage once inside he began to flirt with a sweet looking Ferrari

"Hey there...Italian I presume?"

Back at the hotel, the elevator took the team to the hall, when the elevators doors opened they saw a tired Bree covered in dirt, injuries, and branches stuck in her hair, panting and sweating:

"You...w...would not believe what those floors are filled with..." she collapsed on her face

Suddenly a portal opened in the middle of the hall revealing a portal, everyone was sucked into the portal, taking the team to the 666th floor where an army of killer furniture came crawling at them.

All they could do was bump into them, what did you expect? THEY ARE JUST FURNITURE


"OH SHIT! WHAT DO WE DO!" Prof panicked

Tyrin had an idea "Ow I could throw my wedding bouquet, I forgot I still had it, it would obstruct-"

"THATS TOO HARD!" Sshaken then grabbed Meds and threw him into the mouth, and like Tyrin though it obstructed it chocking it to death.

Everyone moved on with the adventure, Meds luckily managed to crawl out through its mouth and managed to catch up to them.

The team went through all the 665th other floors of ULTIMATE HELL AND DOOM and now we will see them go through every SINGLE one of them

Commercial break:


*Got Amish?*

We are back to our regular program

We meet our heroes beat up and near the edge of madness after such AMAZING adventure through hell itself. Back at the hall they met with the mastermind behind such evil...ehm...thing.


"Mutahar!" Flaky groaned

Yes it was one of Mutahar's tricks

"Wait, but you fell through the window" Bree wondered

"No, it was a fake me!"

"You sure?" = - =U

Mutahar was sitting on a wheelchair both legs broken, an arm broken too, and a broken neck all of them which were in plaster "I'm sure...NOW THAT YOU ARE ALL WEAKEND I WILL FINISH YOU OFF WITH-"

"LALALALALALALALALALALALALAALALALALALA" Jenkins hopped on Mutahar's lap and blew up sending him into orbit:

"SOG TEAAAAaaaaaaaaaaam...."

The team walked out, the sun shined once again, everyone celebrated, suddenly loud moans could be heard from the garage, THEN A HUGE NUCLEAR EXPLOTION OF OIL CAME FROM THERE covering the whole city in oil.

The end

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