In 1940, a Nazi Scientist named Kurt Brandt was instructed by The Nazi Party to do extremely painful experiments on Boys and Girls to see if they could make their eyes turn blue. They took Jews from Concentration Camps and brought them to a lab where they were strapped down to a desk. Kurt brought the first test subject, he was an 18 year old with brown hair and brown eyes. They strapped him down to the desk, he tried struggling but it was no use considering there was no way he could get out. Kurt took out his needle containing Melatonin and a new drug Melanin. The boy saw the needle as fear struck through him he screamed and struggled trying to get out.

Kurt put the needle on the table as he got duct tape and put it on the boys mouth. Kurt then injected the needle into his vein as a tear ran down his face. Once he finished they took the duct tape off his mouth as they went back into the back of the lab where there was thick glass in case of an test subject trying to escape. The first week his eyes barely changed but enough so you could see a brownish color turning into a red. The boy on the first week started breathing heavier but he stopped struggling. The second week Kurt tried giving the boy some food but he refused, he made an indescribable muttering sound and wasn't breathing but he was alive. The third week his eyes were completely red, fear and questions struck through Kurt but he continued watching the boy, Kurt commanded a scientist to release him from the restraints but keep him in the room.

The scientist did what he was told but quickly got out to make sure he wasn't harmed by the boy. The boy banged his head against the wall and ran over to the glass and stared at Kurt, Kurt looked at the boys eyes and realized his eyes had turned blue and his eyelashes were gone a shiver ran down his spine as the boy said "Do you think my blue eyes look pretty?, do you?" Kurt couldn't take it anymore he took his Luger out of his jacket pocket and put it against his head the boy watched as the bullet went through his head. He woke up in a Nazi Bunker he looked around him and saw a medic. Kurt explained the story of what had happened in the lab as the medic replied "You haven't even started testing yet...".

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