There it is.

In the distance, I saw my goal.

The home of Sam Wall.

I sped up, hoping to make it there quickly.

I put my hood up before anyone could see face.

There weren’t many people around, luckily. It was past midnight after all.

The house came closer, until eventually I stood at its door.

No time to waste, I thought to myself. The sooner it’s done the better.

I tried the front door. Locked.

I tried the all 1st floor windows. Locked too.

I tried the back door. Locked. What a surprise!

Damn, I thought. You had to go and make things difficult, didn’t you Sam?

I took out my knife, still covered in some blood from earlier, and hacked away at the door.

Eventually, I had made a hand-size hole.

She never lets me down, my knife.

I worked my arm through the hole, cutting it on splinters in the process.

I didn’t mind the pain. All worth it for the greater goal.

My hand clasped upon the lock, and twisted.

I heard a sharp click, and the door opened before me.

Time to get to work.

I snuck through the kitchen into the hallway. The stairs lay before me.

As I climbed each one individually, my heart began to pound.

I love this part of my life.

I reached the top of the stairs, and began to check each room individually.

After three rooms, I found him.

Sam Wall, dead to the world.

That quote would soon become an understatement.

I quietly made my way over to his bed, but stopped in front of a mirror.

My black hair, my white face, my lidless eyes and my home-made smile.

I looked like a mindless killer.

Too right.

I reached his bedside, and lightly poked him.

I heard him groan and yawn.

The he turned towards me.

He tried to scream, but nothing came out.

Look at it

Go To Sleep!

‘Am I so beautiful that you are lost for words, Sam?’ I asked.

I leaned over, held him down and pulled out my knife.

‘Go to sleep’ I whispered in his ear.

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