My name is Alex Kralie I was the director of the cancelled student film Marble Hornets. I was being helped by fellow students Tim, Jay, Seth and Brian. I dont't know what happened to Seth and Brian but Tim and Jay are after me.

Allow me to explain, Marble Hornets was going nowhere and I was bwing stalked by a figure that has an uncanny resemblance to popular meme "Slender Man". However, there is one difference. This being has a sense of reason to some extent. 

At first I saw this entity everywhere I went in the street, outside the shop and even at home. Eventually, I let it take me and became a "minion" of his. He calls himself The Operator for unkown reasons. Anyway he tasked me to get rid of Jay because he was making The Operator public knowledge.

Whilst I've been chasing down Jay a masked figure which turned out to be Tim has been protecting him from me. After so many failed attempts at getting rid of Jay I decided to "befriend" him. I was trying to lead Jay to The Operator but he was persistent. So I started an arguement and we seperated. 

Another problem had arisen another person who wanted me dead probaly a friend of Tims' is helping Jay in secret leaving dolls to warn him of The Operator. However, now I am frightened the Operator is going too far he forced me to kill Jessica for no reason. I mean she knew but then lost her memory. 

Jay walked right into a trap of the operators' but I warned him to leave. Although my warning went unheeded he got away but, The Operator incapacited Tim. Luckily he wasn't hurt. I do not know what The Operator will do to me but I know it's bad.

Jay,Tim if either of you are reading this confront the hooded figure and get his help, finish The operator once and for all. I may be corrupt but there's still... Hope.

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