A mother and a father were having a child, but because of the war in Vietnam, they had to move away from their home shortly after the child had turned five. The thing was, she wasn't the child that they wanted because the mother and father were selfish, and because she wasn't pretty enough, they had treated her terribly. While they were moving to the new house, they had to drive through a canyon. The young daughter asked

"Mom, can I have a snack?"

The mother replied "No! Wait till we get there."

Then she asked "Dad, can I have something to drink?"

The father said "Fine!" and threw a bottle at her.

Thirty minutes later, the daughter asked "Mom, may I use the rest room?" 

The mom and dad looked at each other and nodded. They said yes and let her out to the cliff of the canyon.

The mother said "She isn't what I wanted, I'm sick of her..."

The father said "I know you know what to do."

As the girl sat down by the cliff, the mother ran up behind her and pushed her off. She sadly died on impact. The next year, they had a new daughter; one who was the cutest and sweetest. She was treated like a princess. Five years later they found out their original home was safe to move back into after the war had ended. They decided to move back and, unknowingly, they took the same route they had taken with the daughter who had asked for a snack. Just like the last time, the mother gave her crackers. She asked for something to drink, and the father gave her a bottle of water. When it came to the moment she had finally asked "May I use the restroom?", the mother had forgotten what had happened and said yes. The daughter went to the same cliff the previous daughter had gone to. She was sitting down, preparing herself, when the mother said to her "I love you". The daughter replied "Are you going to push me off the cliff again, mommy?"

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