The Story Edit

When I was just at the young age of four, I was in kindergarten. I was in class and we were having some free reading time. Now, of course I was just sitting there with a few friends just talking about some random lies and, well, life was good. Then, two people walked into the room, one was a man, the other a woman, both were dressed in white and the teacher sent me out with them. At the time all they had told me was that I had to take a physical exam. Now, being the little goodie two shoes kid I was, I followed them. They ended up bringing me to this odd room that was mostly white with the exception of a few rugs, tables, and book cases.

The people sat me down and had me read some text off to them, and had me toss around a bean bag. Now, before you go on asking, no, I wasn't an Idiot, in fact I knew how to multiply at the time, putting me grades ahead. So this goes on for about half an hour, and then they sit me down with this odd device that I can only describe as an old television. What played on the television was a simple instructional video containing a puppet teaching me morals. As I was watching this video the people began whispering to me, telling me some indecipherable gibberish. it was all just a drowning sensation of noise in both of my ears.

Eventually as the video ended, I got to read another book, but this time it was about safety. The book said a lot but, I could only remember a few things, being, Don't run with scissors and don't look at them. Now to this day, I still have no Idea what them was referring to, but, I digress. From that point all I remember was walking out of the chair and the people smacking something against the side of my face, the next day I woke up and the doctor told my parents that I had my appendix taken out. It was a very odd ordeal but, Its probably one of the only true creepy pastas on here. To this day I still question what happened in that white room.

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