This is another WTF creepypasta. Out of all the ones I wrote, this is the one I want Mutahar to read the most.

The PoolEdit

The line grew longer and longer behind me. I was so anxious to go on the new diving board. I was a little fat, but that didn't stop me from enjoying myself. More and more people went off, and finally it was my turn. I stepped up and jumped off. I fell slowly into the pool. Once I was on the bottom, I wanted to go again. But something was wong. I couldn't move. I was jammed up against a wall and another guy. He also couldn't move. No one coul

more than you may think


I was stuck there for a little while, more and more people came down, getting stuck to the ground and each other. Finally, some guy, my size, not as fat, did some flips on his way down. He fit into a spot and I disappeared. I reappeared in line to the diving board again. I wanted to leave, but something was drawing me to it. I jumped off again. This time, gravity was pulling me down harder than before. I yet again got stuck, but now I was on someone else. She wasn't to pleased, from what I could tell. This time, someone filled a spot, and I was cut in half.

The pain was unbearable. The top half of my body was still alive, and I was stuck there for much, much longer. The pain never went away. And now, sitting there for more time, the music I heard got more and more annoying. DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN. Over and over again.

After a while, some people were stuck and stacked up to the diving board. Suddenly, the music stopped. A wall came up from underneath us, swallowing us up. The pain was gone, but I was still stuck, now in another spot. I was on the wall. There was text, floating near me. From what I could make out, it read:



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