This is my first creepy-pasta.......Sooo, I hope you will be enjoyed!


Story: The PowerEdit

Have you...ever wondered, how living things move? Don't get all Sciencey though....I mean like, umm, a toy

robot, or a wind-up toy almost. What I'm saying, is that Robots have batteries, wind-up toys 

have a...whatever thingy...So, what do humans have? What is Our battery?

I tried to find out...I wish I never did.......

I tried researching this on the internet, but the only things I got was some episode from "regular show" or something. 

The only thing that I could find that was only even close to my subject was some buisness somewhere in California called: The Humane Power Plant, or something. Their motto was: Providing power for the people! Which I thought was really generic, because It was the exact same motto our power plant had.

But the name...the name is what got me...Humane? What the crap is this supposed to mean?

I decided to visit my local power plant first due to some strange similarities between the two, not just the motto.

I gathered up my laptop and went to my car, I ignited the engine, and drove over to the plant.

The Power plant looked as freaky as ever, with it's high fence and giant dome.

I told the guard that I had an appointment with the manager of the plant, and he let me through. I drove through the gate and looked back...the guard was looking at me creepily, jeez, I was beginning to think this place was a prison.

I walked over to the manager's office and opened the door. There was a big man sitting next to a desk watching a tv screen, mumbling to himself, something about androids?

Any way, I went up to him and sat down in front of the desk, he then noticed me."what are you doin' here?" was the first thing he said to me, I replied: "No...what are you doing here? At the plant I mean."

"why are you trying to find out?"

"I have my reasons."

He then pointed what seemed like a remote control at me, at which point I collapsed, groaning.

He said: "Now you will."Went up to me, and opened up my back... like a fuse box....and flipped some form of switch on my back, which caused me to slowly black out, as he picked up my laptop and put it in his desk.

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