Our kind is known to migrate on different planets. While on one of the planets, there is this government thing where we explore other planets and trade in stuff to help build areas under the surface. So I joined, and our leader, I'll call him OB, told us we'll be going to a planet inhabited by humans. So the next day, we went there and met some of them. One in which I only heard from OB, and his co-worker, GV. It was supposedly a young girl, three years old, named Samantha A. Of course she dragged OB somewhere to do something, so we completed our work without him, and we went back to our planet. Not too long later, we received a call from the planet we went to. Apparently, it was under attack.

When we searched, we saw that there were no survivors, but Samantha. Also, Samantha preferred to be called something smaller, but Samantha sounds like a better name to me. We also have a leader of the planet, I'll call her MB. She was the brain of the planet. So when we brought Samantha to our planet, both MB and GV ordered Samantha to be injected by our kind's DNA so she could survive on the planet. She would grow up to become the most powerful galactic hunter in the universe.

Many years later, she was given a special suit to help her fight. She practiced her targets on our robots we have. That day we realized that she cares for things and can unleash her rage on something that won't be important to her. After training, she went to one of the valleys and discovered the planet's butterflies. She cared for them, but they had weapons. Something happened, she ended up shooting the guns off them. She then showed her care for them, but MB ordered the robots to destroy the bugs. Samantha was so mad, she punched a robot, and destroyed it.

After many more years, Samantha joined a federation in space. She said she wouldn't forget us. After she left, MB went insane. She ordered these alien creatures to take over the planet. They made creatures from all over to inhabit the areas. It's just not the same planet. We were forced to migrate to a different planet in order to save ourselves. We then got a message from Samantha that she was told from the federation that she is suppose to destroy the creatures that inhabit there and MB. This was great news! She will make our lives much better. Let's hope that Samus Aran will destroy the Metroids and Mother Brain and save Planet Zebes and the Chozo.

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