In 2010, a new printer was released to the public by a much unknown company. It looked very sleek, modern, and fresh. It looked revolutionized compared to other printers at the time. It sold itself to hundreds of thousands of people. The buyers would eagerly take it home to see the new printer spiff up their homes. The package itself seemed normal, nothing wrong with it. The package containing said printer would be cut open, and all eyes would be on it. It would be set down, most likely next to a computer, and they'd plug it in. The little green light on the side would indicate it had power. They’d turn it on, and watch it start up, as they filled with excitement. I mean, who wouldn't? Anytime someone gets a new piece of technology such as a phone, speakers, or in this case, a printer, the person would be so excited to use it and hook it up. Most printers weren't anything to write home about, but this one was different. They were unaware of what was really about to happen. Like all new owners of machines and such, well... most owners, want to use it as soon as possible. Just to make sure it would work, and to satisfy their "technology craving", the owner of the machine would print out a simple document, such as a vacation photo, or an old Word document.

The sounds of the printer would start making all of the typical noises any other printer would make when printing something. At first glance, no one would notice anything wrong with the barely-printed document. As the paper would come out more and more, disgust and shock would slowly fill the owner’s face. What would come out wasn’t the document that was printed, but pictures of their family and friends slaughtered and beaten horribly, covered in their own bodily fluids and insides. Those people weren’t actually dead, and some of them would be in the same exact room, but were somehow on the pictures. It was the most vile thing anyone would have ever seen in their life. But it wouldn't stop there. More and more picture would keep coming out, constantly gettting more disgusting and brutal. Most of the unfortunate people to witness these wickedly evil pictures would vomit, pass out, or be paralyzed with fear at the sight of their butchered loved ones. Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Best friends. All brutally murdered and some even decapitated, leaving the spine sticking out the neck. And that wasn't even the worst of the worst. Screams would fill the room, phones would be dialed to 911, and sobbing and weeping would ensue. It would get so very horrid that the printer was then thrown away or completely demolished in complete rage, disgust, and horror. Strangely though, the number of suicides grew increasingly that year... along with the murder rate.

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