Okay, before we start, please do not ask a download for the game as it has been removed from stores and websites officially. It has been taken down due to.. Well.. You'll find that out in the story here.

The incident took place in 1999 when the world of tomorrow was around the corner. Windows 98 computers, cameras and even games coming in CDs were signs that it was already here.  One day when I was 15-16 years old I was sick at  home. To pass the time  I went to a game shop a little far from my home with my parents. It's usually where we pick up games from "Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast and even PC". And when I got there, there was a new game that just released for everyone who owned the Windows 98 PC. The game was known as, you guessed it, "The Real Game". 

I had my eyes on it when I saw how off it looked. There was no cover, style or nothing, just a black plastic case. And inside was what appears to look like a written white blank CD with "THE REAL GAME" written with one of those permanent markers. Now, usually people would not look into these types of things because they could be crappy games since they look so cheap. But something hit me about this CD and I really needed to know what this was, so of course, I told my parents I would buy this game, then I went to the counter and pulled out my money so I could buy this CD. 

As I was pulling out my wallet and taking out cash to buy the game, the shopkeeper saw what I was going to buy and he had explained: 

"The game is a beta version according to the person who owns the game" the shopkeeper asked. 

"Why is it out on CD then? Shouldn't it be finished first?" I questioned. "Do you know any information why?" 

"I think they just want others to beta test it. That explains how it looks cheap. They did mention something about making .zip updates on the official website for the game." 

"That's cool. Anyway, see you" I said as I took off with my parents and went back home. 

I still don't know why they were asking us to beta-test the game, but it doesn't matter, I was excited to play it! 

So when I got to my 98 computer I was about to insert the game, but that moment of excitement  stopped when I started having second thoughts about this game. I did not want to have any viruses or anything, but then I thought "Hey, this came from my game store for God's sake!" This could not possibly have anything wrong. I filled up with excitement, shoved the game in and waited for the disc to load. 

The CD's title on the PC was "REAL LIFE (D:)" and it contained an installation wizard which popped up immediately so I looked into that instead. The installation wizard was completely different, it had a simple dark background and it just had the normal greetings, but it was different, and strange. 

"Welcome to the real world!" 

"The wizard will helpfully guide you to installing the planet Earth on your system. You will need to give important information such as name, country, city etc. If the game is not installed correctly, there will be consequences." 

It sounded dark the way it ended off, but I had ignored and moved on. 

"WARNING: Enter correctly or bad things could happen" 

Name: ___________ 

Age: __________ 

Country: _______ 

City: _______ 

State: _______ 

Phone Number: ______ 

Your digital signature (your real name, not the company or organization. This will show that you have made a choice to play in the life experience and do whatever you wish: _____________________________ 

I entered all information and clicked next. It began installing and after one hour it was complete. It appeared on my desktop as "THE REAL GAME" and I opened it up. The quality looked mediocre and distorted, but again, I ignored it like the rest since I thought it possibly had something to do with the beta release. 

Apart from the quality, it explained what the game was all about: 

"The Real Game is an experiment and you're the test monkey. To put things simple, you are exploring planet Earth as a test subject and you will help it join in with the human species (such as doing school/jobs, hanging out, playing games etc.) The reason we do this is because we try to make the world even more awesome and futuristic." 

I clicked next and and it starting loading. When it was done, it appeared with this: 

"Now before we get started, you shall learn the controls.." 

When I did that,  I could finally start the game. 

"Good! Let's start the experience." 

It started loading, and pretty much it took a long time to load. After, my instructions were held onto the screen. 

"Do whatever you want! We will start you off at your school and you can go ahead and do such. You could go into a classroom, smash a desk and rip up your mathematics book. Have fun!" 

And I appeared at.. my school? This is unbelievable, and everyone was there. Students, teachers, cleaners, everyone! I could not believe my eyes. 

So I took a tour around the game inside my school and it appared to be breaktime. I walked around for a while until I saw somebody I hated a lot- I hated him so much that I could knock him out.  I started grinding my teeth to the person I hated so much. Students in the game started pointing at my player and thought I was a new employee or something. And at this point I saw that I had pulled out a knife and  stabbed the person with it and instantly the game displayed a message. "LET'S GO KILLING" it said, then the game starting playing up. Kids were screaming. I began to notice my player was running around attacking, torturing and killing a lot of my friends. The player was shouting such hateful words and he laughs at them while abusing and torturing them to death. The whole window looked as if it was bleeding due to the amount of blood being tossed from kids' bodies after receiving knife wounds. The torture continued for five minutes. Then the player had paused. The camera turned around and went to the player, and the player made a massive GROWL before going to complete static you would expect from a TV. Loud noises were heard as well as blood-curdling screams, crying and laughing. Even jump-scares were happening constantly. 

At this rate I was getting violently disturbed. I started  tearing down the walls of my room, smashing my Nintendo and SEGA systems and eventually, started cutting myself while laughing. Then I passed out on the floor choking to death. 

I was at the local hospital. There were doctors, police and even my parents were there. My father had told me that I had suffered panic attacks and eventually had a stroke with some other unknown problem, which caused me to go crazy and pass out on the floor choking. 

I was crying at the moment, and my parents hugged me and told me that it was all over. After a few seconds of a hug, the police came in and called out my parents. When my parents started speaking with them, the cops had explained: 

"A lot of students were tortured, attacked and raped. And most of them got killed at his school. We wonder if he had something to do with it." 

My father replied "He would not go Columbine on the school even if he hated this one person. And also, he never went that violent before." 

My mother then said "He was home for two days having the stomach bug, he was sick all day. And he was out of school for a while because of that. Even if he was at school, I would never see the rage in him to do those kinds of things. Including rape, I do not think he would do that either." 

So when my parents told me that, I thought: 

"Okay wait a second. So, this game actually had my very own player going around stabbing people, IN REAL LIFE? You're saying half of my friends are now dead?" The tears ran down my face after I heard the tragic loss of "half of my friends". I continued on thinking: "But I thought this game was like some fake person asking me to test this subject and help it do what people wo-" I stopped and thought for a second.. "Wow, that's why it was called The Real Game. How dare they not say this was real. But.. they did.. the title did call itself real." 

I needed time to calm down after that. Soon I returned home. 

After leaving the hospital and reuniting with my  family, I was back home with my wounds healing. My whole computer was reinstalled. I think the police had taken all the information with the game itself and finally erased it from my computer to investigate and to make sure the incident would never happen again. Also, the police had knocked on my door again holding a mysterious letter with writing in a type of angry font in red pen. It  read: 


"Didn't you enjoy it? Did you not enjoy the suffering of your own haters? After all, they got you into a lot of crap for six years. Don't you just want to KILL them? You should rip the heads off their shoulders, cut their stomach open and toss the remains on a tree branch just to see them hanging, choking and coughing up blood, desperately crying for help. And there is no help, there is only the opposite, and I am in charge of it. 

The whole world I've hidden with me in darkness. And I am your master, holding the Earth haunting it forever. I shall take this game and make it even more worse. The whole world shall bow before me and the game will become bigger than it was. It will be the biggest disaster that shall be known to humanity. And as for the planet Earth? It will rot away slowly. 

And I will get you too soon, child. When you die, I will grab you and haunt you forever in darkness alone. And everyone else shall be grasped into my hands. Watch me, I will rise again. This time will even be more deadly. 

Kind Regards 

The magic behind the REAL LIFE game. 


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