There is a field said to be hidden deep within the woods. It is said to be one of the most colorful and beautiful fields you could ever lay eyes upon, so brilliant in fact, that those who find it will never want to leave. However... that won't be a problem. Upon entering the field, it will almost seem as if the forest has gone silent. No birds. No crickets. Not even the buzzing of bees or the howl of the wind. Silence. That is your first warning. Few have survived past sundown, those who have described an ever growing sound of buzzing and chewing to the point of having to cover their ears, as soon as this begins, if you are still in the field you must run immediately. You will soon notice the field is not so beautiful anymore as the grass begins to turn a grey color and the once moist soil dries and cracks. It will look like a wasteland and at this point, it will be so loud, it will be almost unbearable, but you must keep going and do not stop.

Then finally from in between the cracks, thousands of cockroaches of all shapes and sizes will rise from the earth to feed. If you have a UV flashlight, use it. Unlike regular cockroaches, these ones thrive in the dark and will avoid UV light at all cost. Use it to carve a path for you to run because at this point, you will be walking on nothing but insects. Once they have crawled from the crevices of the ground you have a matter of seconds to escape. Desperate for food, they will swarm you and there will be so many that it would over encumber you instantly and seemingly tackle you to the ground. There will be no help for you now unless you have a friend with another light and even then, you will most likely be bleeding. If you are not saved they will burrow inside and devour you in seconds much like piranhas. Scream all you wan't but it is over for you.

Once they are done, they will drag your bones down into their wretched hive, never to be seen again.

And the worst part about this field... There isn't just one.

Author: Splinterbee

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