There is a place, not known by too many people, which haunts the minds of many innocent children, who have all shared the same terrible fate. This place is actually just a room. Said room contains the appearance of something innocent, friendly. Now, going into this room… is just something you do NOT want to do. But why would kids go into this room anyway? Well, there is a small treasure. It almost seems too tempting to pass up. At least, that’s what goes through the minds of the young, unfortunate ones. Getting into the general area is a puzzle itself, an inter-dimensional cage for birds must be found. A big entity guards it, but getting rid of him is too easy. Inside is a vaguely open space with a building, and some doors and such on the inside. You feel the presence of ghosts, mocking you when you aren’t looking. One of these doors contains the everlasting fear that terrorizes the youth in no ways ever imaginable.

You enter, the atmosphere normal and simple, nothing out of the ordinary. The chilling air surrounds you as you take your first steps. The walls are made of simple wood planks, same with the floor. A couple of windows shine in very bright light. One of those windows is next to it. You can spot what you came for, the small treasure. It’s shininess takes your eyes within seconds. It shines a nice bright red. But what stands in your way, is… a grand instrument of some sort? It sits still, its a pure black color. It looks just like a normal piano, actually. The presence of pure evil fills the room, the longer you are in it. You start shivering as you are about to approach it. Just as you make your way very slowly over to it without making a single sound… A terrifyingly loud crunch can then be heard moments later, that instrument starts bouncing loudly toward you, the scream of the poor soul who is in there, too much adrenaline is pumping through you to know what is going on… You wake up moments later, outside the building you were just in… what just happened? You look up, and just your luck. 1 more life until a game over, better try to just go for the star this time…

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