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Rules Edit

As stated before, this is The SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki Hall Of Fame!!! This is where we induct notable and past users who have moved on from the wiki, to something else. The users must have confirmed to have left and have contributed a lot to the wiki. However, a user who shows up once or twice in a long separation of time is allwed so don't worry.

Unfortunately, there are rules to requesting users for the Hall Of Fame that you must follow.


RULE #1 - Obviously, you cannot request Wikia Contributors to the Hall Of Fame, nor can Wikia Contributors vote for others.

RULE #2 - You cannot request yourself for The Hall Of Fame.

RULE #3 - The user you request must have contributed a lot to the wiki.

RULE #4 - To compensate Rule #1, you need at least 100 reasonable edits to vote for Hall Of Fame.

RULE #5 - When you vote, you must vote in the following template or it will not be counted. When you state your reason, it must be long descriptive and accounting why the user should be here and what you appreciated about the user.

RULE #6 - You need 3 separate users to vote for the same user for him to be inducted. (Please reply off of the first vote of that user)

RULE #7 - You cannot vote for the same person twice, after the next round of voting begins on November 1st, 2015, which gives you time to vote for your first vote, then you can vote for the second person you want in here. 

Voting Template Edit

User To Induct - User

Reason To Induct - I want this user to be in The Hall Of Fame because (give a descriptive reason)

User Requesting - Scarysamuel32


The inductees that will be accepted and voted 3 times will be inducted at the end of the year. I will present the members being inducted on

New Years Day 2016


So yeah...

Thanks :)

~A Fool From Another School, ScarySam32

List Of Voted InducteesEdit



2015 Inductees

User Position Time Joined Notable Pastas Other Notable Accomplishments
November 17th, 2012Edit
- (He has not made any pastas but he is a Great Pasta Narrator)Edit
Founder and Inspiration of wikiEdit
- Ruler over The SOG WikiEdit
- Has +500,000 Subscribers Edit
- Started Deep Web Vids Edit
Previous Admin
February 14th, 2013
- The Cosmic Destroyer
- Legend Of Zelda: The Dark Rites
- Follow Me, Free Me
- Controlled the Creepypasta Of The Year (CPOTY) Voting PageEdit
- 1 CPOTM Win (The Cosmic Destroyer)  Edit

- 3 SOG Readings 

- (If I missed any details that should be here, please let me know) Edit

2016 Inductees

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