I have killed countess people. I have sent many to their dooms. I have even kidnapped women and raped them, then slit their throats to make sure they would not tell anyone of their epidemic after they gave birth to my offspring. I built an empire using nothing but my bare hands. When I first met my soldiers, they were nothing but pathetic creatures. Now, they have worth. Now they are worthy of fear. Now they can survive and thrive. I have made all of this happen and more, and yet I am the villain. How can I be called as such when I am the one who brought forth this new age? 

And yet, there is one who stands against me. A band of people; an enemy kingdom. I have worked to assimilate them but they refuse to comply. They are the only ones who stand against me. And I have grown to fear them. My men are slaughtered at their hands; they invade my lands and kill our young, our old, our sick and our women. Everyone is at risk of being killed in cold blood. As I write this note to my commander in arms, I fear that they rapidly approach my home. I can hear the screams, the cracks and squishes of bones and flesh falling to their might. All has gone silent. A loud boom has resounded. And again, louder. They do this to taunt me, to make me fear more. It is working; the fear of god has been wrought. The wrath of satan has been unleashed. All I wish is to die now quick and painless. But that is not what I shall do. I shall stand and fight. For honor, fo pride. For the future generations. My commander, I give you all rights to my kingdom and what's left of our melitia. Make sure they see their families; see that they survive. Withdraw them if you must, they must savor their last moments.

For the final moments of the Dark Empire, I say my final words as King of the Koopa Legion. My name is Bowser, and my god have mercy on my soul.

Sircalevara (talk) 05:12, June 8, 2014 (UTC)

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