The PastaEdit

I have always been a huge fan of music, especially game soundtracks and dubstep, I even went and listened to the Lavender Town theme and I survived it. But I can't take this, this piece of music is so horrible, it makes my eyes bleed, my ears bleed. Hell, I think it makes my whole body bleed. Also, it makes me want to kill myself. This piece of music is so horrible, that it makes the Lavender Town theme or any scary music seem relaxing.

But that isn't the horrible part, in fact this music actually was relaxing before and maybe even some people danced to it. But now, it has been changed to something so horrible, that I may even rather listen to the most horrible or scary music ever made than this. Even scary hidden messages in music won't make me go and listen to this "music". I even heard that people who listened to this piece of music do even worse things than the Lavender Town theme, such as cutting off their own ears, repeating the phrase,"Hear no Evil." Some even went into comas listening to this. Others, after listening to it, go hysterical and lose their sanity and go to asylums. At the very least, people who knew what the music was like before, were extremely furious and had some ear-splitting headaches for a few days.Ohh....speaking of headaches, my head feels like its about to burst open.

You can name any piece of music you claim to be more horrible, but I know, nothing is more horrible than this one. You may be asking, what is this piece of music, I don't want you going to listen to it, but... go and listen to the Battlefield 1942 theme, then the Battlefield 3 theme. You will understand then. But if you experience headaches and or have the urge to cut your ears off, don't say I did not warn you. 

Author's Note and some backstoryEdit

To be honest, I actually loved the Battlefield 3 theme and yes, the part about people cutting off their ears off and losing their sanity was made up. But, it is true that people actually hated that piece of music when DICE made the original theme into a remix. If any of you watch Angry Joe, you will know. This is where the inspiration came from, a gaming theme's evolution.

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