The Screaming Soul

Creepypasya written by Demise "Zack" Lowery (GothicSlenderman)

My name is Joseph Sanders, I'm 25 years old and father of Andrew Sanders who is 5 years old. My wife died when he was just born. Her small, thin, and weak body couldn't handle giving birth. Poor Andrew, he will never get to see who his mother is until the afterlife. That might not be so faraway though. My son keeps drawing hands with smiles inside them. I asked him one day because I was getting worried. He gave me a straight face and said "He's the man who watches me at night." I'm not one of those parents who say it's just their imagination so instead of those predictable parents I decided to hhok up a camera aimed at his bed. I didn't go to sleep last night because I kept hearing a banging noise on my wall. Like someone was trying to break through.

The next day I looked at the footage as if I was the guy from Paranormal activity. What I was unspeakable. A man standing in front of Andrew's bed, but he had no arms or a head. It looks like someone ripped them off. He was wearing really baggy blue jeans being held by small string. Blood was covering his chest but that's not even the strangest part. This was around the time I heard the banging so he must have been kicking Andrew's wall. No. Where his neck was a hand came out and in his palm was a smile. He waved as if he was trying to say hello. He knew the camera was there but instead of destroying it he took the blood on his hand and wrote HeLlo. Then he used his only hand to begin banging on the wall. At that point I ran to my son's room and saw the HeLlo and the hand marks. Andrew was unharmed. I called the police but they thought I was crazy. They came anyway and looked at the footage. Both the cops looked worried. They told me that creature goes by any names. The Wrist, Headless Hand, but the most popular was the Screaming Soul. They said running wouldn't help so they stayed constantly watching the footage. Thank God I'm not the only who had to deal with this demon. While in bed I heard gun shots. I jumped out of bed and ran to the door. I heard the cops voice.

"It's okay Joseph he's dead." I had a smile on my face and exited the room but I saw the Screaming Soul face to....hand. The cops were dead but the creature was still smiling and began to have this high pitch fast laugh. "So is his partner." The Screaming Soul actually replicated the cop's voice but how? I ran to Andrew's room but he was too fast for me. He grabbed my shoulder and threw me across the hallway. I got back up and ran to Andrew's room. I was too late. The Screaming Soul shoved his hand down my son's throat and began swinging him around. I tried to attack him but he used Andrew as a weapon. Finally he dropped my son but he was dead... Then the Screaming Soul began to laugh and said "Goodbye Daddy in Andrew's voice. He jumped out the window and ran off. I heard his insane laugh echo from the streets. I couldn't do anything my watch because the impact broke my spine. I woke in the hospital because one of the neighbors found me. That neighbor was my friend Brittany. She said that her Boyfriend was killed by the Screaming Soul. She told me everything. The Screaming Soul only goes after those who he thinks have a beautiful voice. He feeds on stolen voices. But that's not all, he also steals your soul.

External Links...Edit

Screaming Soul is going to Appear as a playable character in the GothicSlenderman crossover fighting game...Gothic Murder.

Here' the external link:!/pages/Gothic-Murder/132926333554717?fref=ts

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