Hello, my name is Requis. I love to play hide and seek with people. We always have a splendid time when we play. Some people are really good at hiding and it takes time to find them, but I manage to find them. It warms my heart when I get to play tag with people. They laugh so hard when I tag them. They laugh so hard they start to cry, so I let them know that everything is going to be okay. We are just playing tag, after all. I don't like to tag people with my hands; I have a special tool for that. It makes the game so much more thrilling. It also makes it easier for me to get them. One time when I was playing with this girl. She called all her friends to come and play. When they came, it was like a show outside. Red and blue colors filled the night sky. So, it was time for me to hide that time. I am typing this for everyone to see. I cannot seem to find anyone to play tag with. We would have such a nice time together.

Usually when I play tag, people are always happy. I will make sure you are happy too! Don't worry! I took the time out of my day to play a special trick. This page contains nice and joyful computer trackers. They help me find out where you live so we can play together! Don't worry! When I find you I will take you to my place! We can drink the fruit punch that comes out when I tag people.

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