This is a 10 Step Guide On How To Get Anything You Want Edit

Hello and welcome to my quick 10 step guide on how to get anything that you want.

What You Need Edit


1. 3 candles, preferably blue and never orange

2. A glass of your favorite drink

3. Something that corresponds with what you want, for example, for money you would get a coin

4. A friend

5. A car or bike

6. A strand of your hair

7. And finally your friend's blood

The Steps Edit

Step One Edit

Take the car or bike and find a forest clearing, bring all the materials and your friend.

Step Two Edit

Once you found the clearing take the three candles and place them in a triangular formation.

Note: Never use orange candles because they attract evil spirits.

Step Three Edit

Now this is the most important step; the one in which you will use the hair, the drink, and the blood. Mix the blood with the drink and use this mixture to draw a symbol on a clear patch of ground within the triangle of the candles.

The symbol will look like a circle with a star going through it, with an eye in the middle. Take the strand hair and place it on the eye. Afterward, light the candles.

Step Four Edit

Now Say EXACTLY what you want. For money don't ask for infinite riches, just say "I want money," (or whatever you want). Say it three times.

Note: Not Saying exactly what you want will cause some undesirable results.

The Result Edit

ENDING 1: The result in correctly performing this ritual is that you will see your worst fears through the rest of that day. If You survive the day, then and only then, will you get what you asked for.

ENDING 2: You have not obtained the items and will carry on like normal.

ENDING 3: You have preformed the ritual incorrectly and will die.

Disclaimers Edit

Do not perform this ritual at night or if you have a weak heart.

I am not liable for any physical or mental damages.

Don't do this if it's not something you really want or else You Will Die for abusing the power.


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