I’m a big fan of The Sims games. Any simulation game in fact. However, my favorite is The Sims 3. I’ve created a lot of families, and have begun to be able to fulfill their lifetime wishes. But something a few days ago changed my mind about this time.

I had the Sim based off of me doing day to day stuff. You know, taking showers, eating. Then his carpool came to take him to work. I saw the icon that usually shows the car disappear. I clicked on the car and said “go to work.” However, the icon disappeared again. I kept doing it until the car left, with my Sim playing video games on his computer.

I clicked the map view button, and saw that the work button had disappeared. I then went back to my Sim. He seemed to be looking up at me. He was holding a kitchen knife. A message popped up, and I clicked on it. It said one thing:

“We’re tired of being your slaves.”

I thought it was just a bug, so I closed the game without saving and rebooted it. I was shocked at what I saw.

The Sims jewel was blood red and the background was orange. I clicked on my town, and saw that the town looked dead. Grass was brown and the sky was orange. Dead Sims were lying on the ground, with blood masking cars, streets, and buildings. I looked around for my Sim, as the Sim view button had disappeared. His wishes and moodlets were still there though. I put my mouse over one of them and saw the moodlet was “Murderous Rampage” with a time lasting for 9999 hours.

All of his traits were Evil and he was nowhere to be found. I saw only two Sims alive, a girl and a child. They looked afraid, and all of a sudden, the girl fell. As she fell, my Sim was revealed. He then stabbed the child. Without doing anything, the view zoomed to my Sim’s face, covered with blood and his eyes pierced red.

I shut off my computer, and took the disc out. I smashed it into pieces and turned the computer back on. I checked to see if the game would still open. It did, to the red and orange menu. I couldn’t quit. The mouse moved on its own to new game. All of a sudden, I was somewhere else. I was in the game, and looking to the sky, I saw my room, with a new player. I saw the evil Sim I had created.

“Wanna play?” 

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