Follow the bright meadow of elk and life.

Where maple leaves lay on the fresh green plains.

Follow this path of laughter.

For you may find the skeletons grin.

A path covered in rotting flesh and corpses of the people who fell before you.

These maple trees are brown and crimson from the blood spilled.

Follow this path that bears bones on the path and smells of death.

For you may find the skeletons grin.

For he smiles at you for all your embodiments of sin.

You declared this was heavens gate.

But if you listen to the wind, you will hear screams of horror and terror.

Can you escape this grip of death?

Are you willing to face the skeletons grin.

These gates will lead to something I assure you.

They will lead to death.

Knock on these iron gates and you will become the skeletons grin.

He is the forbidden fruit" which you desire.

Its not a smile you bear for it is a smirk.

That laughter I hear from your lips are your screams of terror, and the tears of your despair.

For laughter is the same as cry and smile is the same as a smirk.

Isn't it?

You shouldn't have listened to the skeletons grin.

For he speaks the lies of your soul.

For the skeleton grin is you.

The are no skeletons only you.

You are the murderer who bears a grin or is it a frown? 

Poor little Kevin one of seven.

Being locked up in a white coat with no escape.

He bleeds from his heart I guess he let sin lead.

He carriers a dagger  and protects his love like sagger on clay.

But in the end he sold his cold soul and was bound to steel bars.

What has brought Kevin to this cold fate?

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