The Sleeping Game, or "Akuma kara nete" (Sleeping from the devil) is a game what started in the mid WW2 era. It is a game that consists of one objective. Sleep through the night without waking up. It was played throughout Japan, when children and adults were suicidal and attempting to end their lives quickly.

The game is quite simple, as mentioned. Don't wake up, or you lose. In order to summon the beast to start the game, you must whisper this short Haiku in your sleep:

I invoke the spirit of hell, Thy is ready to play the game And join oni in hell.

Doing so will cause the game to start. You must sleep from 8pm to 4am. Keep your eyes closed at ALL times. Waking up will cause you to lose and cause DIRE consequences. There are 4 stages in this game. Each with increasing difficulty.

Stage 1: 8pm and 9pm You may hear whispers, creaks, quiet laughs and gasps.

Stage 2: 9pm and 10pm Occasional far away screams, breathing in your ear, growls and scratches.

Stage 3: 10pm and 12am Now things get physical. Sharp claws raking at feet, Pokes and stabs. Remember that jerking, cringing or "Ow"'s will not make you lose. However, any eye movement WILL.

Final stage: Hardest stage. 12am to 4am. Slaps, screams in ear, bites, punches, choking (Keep in mind no physical injury’s will be major or kill, but will still hurt.)

If you complete all stages without awaking, you will win and a 1000 Yen reward will appear by your bedside, however if you do fail to keep asleep...

A couple of things may happen:

If the demon is feeling merciful, he will take your soul and kill you quickly, leaving a peaceful corpse behind on your bed. The autopsy will reveal a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.

If not, depending on the mood of the demon, the police will find organs and blood across the room, maybe the demon will haunt you, possess you or kill you outright. The results vary.

There is only 1 living winner of the game. However, he cannot quite recall that night, nor can he remember what happened to the money.

It's up to you to decide the legitimacy of this story, but if you want to, try it at your own risk.

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